The trends I noticed at CHA…

I did finish up my CHA spotlights (aka favorites!) and such, but I wanted to type up one more piece sharing the trends I noticed at the show. I always think it is interesting to see what’s happening and what seems to be hot at the moment. Oh, I don’t necessarily follow the trends, but I do admit that in my own crafting I do have things that pop up a lot now – and won’t six months from now. I think it’s just all part of the creative process. Anyhow – here’s what I noticed:

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Designer lines
I believe we’ll see is the continued rise of the “designer” lines. Oh yes I know that this isn’t technically something new and that often we know the face behind the product design (Tim Holtz, Claudine Hellmuth, and Heidi Swapp come immediately to mind) – however I feel like more companies are reaching out to well known crafters and doing signature lines within their brand. Yes, companies we already know and love are teaming up with amazingly talented (and well known) crafters to produce signature lines. With Crate Paper’s Maggie Holmes line, and Webster’s Pages teaming up with Allison Kreft (two of the most talked about lines of the show) I would not be surprised if we see even more special partnerships and designer names on lines at future shows. Finnabair for Prima, Dear Lizzy and Amy Tangerine for American Crafts – there were more than ever before at this show – and more importantly they were many of my top picks as well!

Are dies easy to manufacture? I’m asking because stamp companies, paper companies – heck it seemed like many companies are coming out with their own dies now. The majority of these are the super thin dies that will work in a Sizzix Big Shot (or other similar die cutting manual machine). I’m wondering if they are the new clear stamp. Remember when EVERYONE made clear stamps to go with their lines?

Putting birds on things has been around a while, and feathers aren’t brand new, but I do see them taking many more forms and being very popular at this show. Will they work great for spring? Be lovely on Easter pages? we shall see!

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Insta/phone/polaroid love
Cameras have always been a common theme that we see, but one big trend at this show was polaroid-like paper frames, camera images, and even (Crate Paper) overlays for your pictures that will give instagram-like filters to your photos. More items are being made suitable for square and/or smaller photos and it seems like manufacturers are trying to make sure printed square pics from apps like hipstsamatic or instagram have a nice pretty place to rest in our scrapbooks. I was happy to see cameras in the form of stamps, papers, and even as booth decorations!

One big happy family
Are you exclusively a card maker? Do you only do a very specific look and type of project? Well, that’s fine. But don’t expect to have your crafty world remain an exclusive bubble. The days of separation are over – there is no longer a “card maker” or “scrapbooker” or “stamper” industry. It is most definitely a paper crafting world. I overheard a woman making a barbed comment about “ugh, scrapbookers” and I just bit my tongue! Because I don’t think she realizes- embracing all forms of crafting is the way of the future. Don’t judge! Just do your thing and have fun lady.

In order to survive companies products appeal to a broad range of types of crafters. Oh, styles (such as whimsical, grungy, shabby chic…) still apply, but there isn’t the “we are a scrapbooking company” or “we make products for card makers” type separation that used to be so very strong. I feel like this is what will really help companies that are still in business – and this year the show floor had NO separation of types of booths it was all mixed together. Which just reinforces that we are all in the wonderful hobby of crafting together.

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Party Time:
I think this one is partly because using paper craft supplies to make DIY home decor and party decorations and favors has long been a thing that we crafters do. But I also believe it is also influenced by the pinterest effect. What do I mean? So many party and DIY and creative goodness can be found all over pinterest – and I think that it has inspired companies to show off how their products can be used that way (Brenda Walton for Sizzix and the Pebbles Inc booth both did incredible with this!) and also the success of Martha Stewart Crafts items I believe has sparked some manufacturers into creating products that can be used for parties as well.

As in charts. Yeah, I noticed pie charts springing up in die cut, stencil, and I think even paper form. I came home with a cute little pie chart die, I’ll be using that and sharing more soon. I kind of like it – reminds me of the sunburst trend in a way and cound certainly be used that way. We shall see.

Rub-ons making a come back?
Jenni Bowlin and Tim Holtz both offered rub-ons this show – as did American Crafts (Dear Lizzy line) and many others. Are the once favorite product coming back? I felt like they went away because of their definite shelf life and because if not made well they can be a disaster. Will they stick this time around?

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Silhouette inspired cuts:
In 2012 I saw so many amazing cuts from the Silhouette Cameo that I am seriously considering buying myself one. Now I wonder – do I need to? I saw TONS of die cut pre-made products that reminded me of things I’d seen cut from a electronic machine. Dear Lizzy’s line for American Crafts had some notable ones, as did Allison Kreft (Webster’s Pages), Basic Grey, and other companies too.

Washi mania:
Whether it’s actual washi, tissue tape, masking-like tape or whatever – tape is EVERYWHERE and by everyone. Seriously more companies had some tape than not.

My friend Melissa noticed an emerging hot trend (which I will not mention here as she’s not blogged about it yet!) that I’m excited about – more on that some other time!  Those are the trends I noticed this show – what have you noticed?

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  1. I was happy to see the mason jars and the chevrons are still hanging in there! The triangle is coming in to join them but the one thing I really noticed is that the die cuts (like cameo) have inspired designers to come out with papers that have that look without the work (I saw a paper that Sil had a chevron BG only it was all filled in for you, also the hexies with no stress of picking which papers you want to add…they are all done for you!) also the Polaroid type frames- already cut and some are even decorated for you-some even die cut further with the words. So I”d say another trend is companies bringing the trendy die cut to those that may not have a machine or don’t want a machine.

  2. definately buy a silhouette, you can design your own items, size them to what ever you want, without being limited to what a die provides.

  3. I’ve been on the fence about the Silhouette too. I do have the Sizzix Big Shot and have been very happy with it, but the thing that keeps drawing me towards the Silhouette is the ability to cut ANY font already on my computer. Being able to make titles in any size and shape would be SO awesome—maybe then I could stop hording letter stickers. A friend just got a Silhouette and she LOVES it…I think I might go over there to play (although I’m afraid I will come home and want one even MORE).

    I’m enjoying the hexagon shape and wanting a punch for that!

    Personally, I can skip the trend back to rub-ons. My stash is currently rub-on free and I’m going to keep it that way. I hated those!

    Love your comment…”Just do your thing and have fun lady”. hee hee

    As part of your “one big family” and guest designer comments…I’m having a harder time seeing definitive styles between the companies. What I always used to guess as “Basic Grey” or “Authentique” or “Websters Pages” before looking at the label is becoming more difficult. I’m seeing the lines between definitive styles start to blur…I’m not sure what I think about that.

  4. A lot of buzz around the Silhouette. Hope it doesn’t go down the Cricut path. Feathers…..mmmmm…… I don’t get it.

  5. Great trend recap May. I’m noticing the mustaches which make for some pretty funny pics when on a stick. I’m also seeing more metal embellishments like Finns mechanicals, or maybe I’m just noticing more cause I love them so much. I love your observation that it is becoming about papercrafting. I’m not much of a scrapbooker but feel right at home at my LSS working on cards or mixed media pieces. Thanks.

  6. I am so not trendy so I’m thrilled to see feathers everywhere.Stamping and I just do not get along-so glad to see rubons coming back.I know Jenni’s are fantastic and have no doubt Tim’s will be superb.I want a Silhouette.Storage is a big issue so being able to make just what I want is very appealing.I have tons of digital files I’ll be able to convert.Plus I have a hard time getting rid of all my leftovers.I donate most of the papers and stickers to a local schools-but postage is getting so expensive it’s getting difficult even giving away the rest.Boy can I rationalize a huge expenditure or what!

  7. Fantastic post! I really enjoyed it. 🙂 Would you mind adding in the direct link to the post over at Melissa’s blog? Her blog is fantastic, but I couldn’t find the post you mentioned in the first couple of pages. (I probably scrolled right past it!) Thanks for all of your fab CHA coverage!

  8. Moustaches!! I think they are kind of cute and will probably add a stamp and/or die to my collection this season. By coincidence, at a church youth meeting on Sunday a teenage girl was wearing leggings with them printed all over, so not just a crazy papercraft trend!

    ** Kate **

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