Field Guide sneak peek:


Here’s a layout from Field Guide – my class that begins at the end of this month. This is perhaps one of my favorites – I had such fun making it. I just finished looking over the content as well as editing videos, handouts, and new projects to share for the first half of class. Now, I love and put my everything into each class that I do, but Field Guide? This is my baby. My favorite. My absolute ultimate class.

I pushed myself creatively, and I have to tell you I’m so very pleased with this course, and that I’m able to offer it again this year for those who didn’t take it before – or those wanting to re-take the class. I’m also excited that Big Picture is letting me add EVEN MORE into class and giving me the chance to add new bits here and there too. This will be the final time I offer this class – so don’t miss out!

Note if you’re a former field guide student who is re-taking it, you’ll find way more new content in the second half of class vs the first – with the way class is broken down it works better that way! Oh ladies and gentlemen I’m truly cutting loose with this one! I just finished a crazy amount of inking and embossing and I’m having a blast.

If you have questions please feel free to ask me – and of course you can find more information and sign up here at Big Picture.

After the CHA (Craft & Hobby trade show) madness subsides  I’ll be sharing another peek – and a video inspired by Field Guide – here on my blog. So stay tuned!

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  1. All the new campers are going to have so much fun with the field guide class! Great class May, and…nice LO!!

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