Review: American Girls Sew & Share

American Girl Crafts are fast becoming a favorite with my daughters, and today I wanted to take a closer look at the “Sew & Share” items and tell you why I really like them.

They come with all of the pieces you’ll need to make a cute felt craft, as well as a very detailed instruction sheet and tips on tying knots and stitching in general. Right off the bat what I like is that thanks to the pre-punched holes and easy instructions it is a great introduction to sewing.

Everything is nicely packaged and it comes with a needle, lots of thread, and even backing in case you want to make it into a pin.

Elizabeth (age 7) is able to do the project with some help on threading the needle and some light guidance overall. I think second grade is about the minimum age for this project simply because of the small details. Rebecca (Age 5) did enjoy adding the finishing touches to one that I sewed for her. Oh and I must tell you I had fun making one of my own as well! I think they would be cute as pencil toppers (stuff is included to make that happen), pins, ornaments, or as decorations for the top of a package. They’re a great little project to introduce a kid to some crafty sewing, and because they’re so well put together it leaves no mess or frustration.

I sent some of these to my cousin (Jr high age) to try out and I know she really liked them – which is great because for those (crafty or not so crafty) tweens and teens this would be a fun project to have for them to make at a family gathering or just send them some for fun creative time. I really appreciate not only that they are really well made, but that for older kids it is something they can take and do on their own. I also appreciate the great colors and whimsical designs that are fun to make for all ages!

I will definitely be getting more of these in the future – you can see the whole line here on the EK Success website. Locally I saw some of these at the American Girl display in my Michael’s Craft store.

5 thoughts on “Review: American Girls Sew & Share”

  1. Those are totally awesome! And I’ve been running myself ragged trying to think of something–ANYthing–cool to get my niece for Christmas, not only from me, but from her grandmother that lives with me, and I never thought of American Girl crafts. The coolest thing is, my mom sews, so this is the absolutely PERFECT gift for her to give to her granddaughter. Thank you, May. 🙂 Thinking American Girl even helped me think of gift ideas of my other niece. Yay! Gift ideas! 😀

  2. These look fantastic – I wish they didn’t have “American Girl” on them though … I’d like to give one to DS!

  3. I missed out on these this year, but they’ll be on my list for next year. I’d love to use them for my niece, but I also think they’d make great gifts for the local fire department’s Toy and Joy Program. I’d like to see them without “Girl” on them, too. I taught my younger brothers to sew and they enjoyed it. They also made a few bucks in college sewing on buttons for their friends who couldn’t/wouldn’t sew. It’s probably not on their resumes 😉 but is a valuable skill for both males and females to possess.

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