day 10: big balls in decor town!

I saw this wreath I wanted in a store, but it was $85. I thought “my gosh. That’s just balls stuck to a wreath with some tinsel. I could do that!” And so, I have.

I didn’t look for tutorials or anything on the internet, I just grabbed a hard (styrofoam?) wreath, and one of those strands of garland that is tinsel-y.

I wrapped it around the wreath, tie it off, then just went to town adding glass ornament balls (while making all kinds of ‘playing with balls’ jokes of course) all around the 16″ wreath.

What I discovered:

First off, there’s a reason these are expensive. It takes a LOT of balls to make one. Secondly, you’ll want to make some way to hang the darn thing BEFORE you do all your adding of ornaments. Finally, I strongly suggest picking a color scheme before you start and then just cutting loose. I love the touch that the garland adds peeking out.

Bottom line? I loved making this project!! It is something ANYONE could do (just beware hot glue burns!) and now that I’ve made one I want to make more in different sizes, colors, and play with bringing in vintage ornaments and treasures too.

I hope you’ve had fun with my Camp Scrap: Holiday Edition series! Don’t worry – I’m not going to stop posting! I’ve got prizes, and hopefully some videos (if only I can get some sunlight!) and more creative fun coming all the time.

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27 thoughts on “day 10: big balls in decor town!”

  1. Thank you for the week of holiday inspiration. I love those wreaths also. Out of curiosity, how many packages did it take or if you didn’t keep track, what would be your estimate based on that wreath size? My luck would be I’d run out and the store would be sold out of that color! I’m going to try the frame with alcohol ink and glitter later today. Can’t wait! Thanks again.

  2. Love love love this. I have always wanted to make one. Now with your tips, maybe I will have the gumption.

  3. This is beyond gorgeous!!! Wow, I just love it. These would make great gifts too. About how long did it take you to make it?

  4. I have always wanted one of those too or to make one ….you make it look so easy girlie! What is the ballpark cost on making these?

  5. Oh My Garsh … this is strikingly BEAUTIFUL. What a great job you did – and I love your selection of colors. Perfection. Enjoy! I see that Dawn F. asks how many ornaments it took to create this wreath. Also, what size wreath did you make? Finished dimensions? Thanks!

  6. That is one elegant wreath! Love the vintage look of the colors too. Thanks for the fun Camp and all your inspiration.

  7. I love it, its gorgeous! I also love the tinsel, haven’t seen that before! I don’t have time to make one for this year, but will definitely be doing this next year! TFS!

  8. That is just gorgeous and would make an amazing Xmas gift. I’ll be stocking up on balls in the post-xmas sales and make some for next year.

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL!

    You need to see the White House Christmas–(they are showing it on HGTV) and see how they have used balls like this for various decorations.

  10. May, this is a doable project too! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to post all these wonderful ideas.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  11. This is just stunning!! Beautiful choice of colors! I’ve thought of making one of these for years and haven’t gotten to it yet…. seeing yours makes me want to make one!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. Thanks, May…this was a great week. For you to take the time during this busy season….very kind! And, I like your wreath better than the pricey store made one. I bet you could find ornaments on the cheap on Craig’s list…some people get rid of them every year. Just a thought.

  13. Wow! This wreath is awesome. I love how it turned out, thanks for the tips, I think I’d do one but smaller, love your color pallette too.

  14. This looks stunning and I like your choice of colours. Did you note how many large/small balls you used? I might have to go out in the post-Christmas sales and buy up a load!!

    ** Kate **

  15. May, this is so beautiful and the perfect color combo for my living room. It would be perfect! LOL I am certain you picked those colors to go in your house. This does look like a fun relatively easy project. I think I shall check the stores for my color scheme.

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