day 5: the seven minute frame

I love to take frames that are either plain or have some kind of molded/carved shape to them and customize them. When I found a bunch of ornate (but plain white) frames on clearance months ago, I grabbed them right up. This is a fun way to make more of a photo gift, or just to use for yourself. The trick is this:

re-color or accent the frame just a little.

Oh, you can take and completely re-make a frame! I’ve done it many times. But the trick for this quick project is to find one you already like, and just (as my mom loves to say) “gussy it up a bit”. Use supplies such as paint, alcohol ink, permanent inks, mists, glitter, and other materials that will add color. You could also try things like foil tape or metallic leafing pens that could add more of a metallic look. If it is a flat frame, you could stamp with archival or staz-on ink.

For today, I chose green alcohol ink to start, then PPA + crystal glitter

With alcohol ink on the applicator tool, I just went around lightly dabbing the raised areas. This gave those beautiful flourishes and swirls some contrast – and no I didn’t worry about every single spot being covered or where the color ended. I just did one pass, and let whatever landed be what I got. Once I did that, the alcohol ink dried almost instantly and I was ready for phase two. That was to take PPA in glossy finish and use a paint brush to apply it to the flat surface of the frame. I didn’t worry about perfect – since I’m applying crystal clear glitter it would be fine and not really noticeable if something was less than perfect. I applied glitter to half the frame once done, then the other half.

Grand total (because yes, once I decided what I was going to do I timed it out of curiosity) was 7min 33seconds. NOT TOO SHABBY! This was originally intended for a gift but now I have fallen so in love with my frame that I’m going to put a holiday photo in it and keep it for myself.

What could you add a bit of color or sparkle to this holiday season and fall in love with? It’s a great way to use your stash and have a bit of creative fun (as well as potentially saving money!) – I hope you’re inspired to try something for yourself. Looking for some new supplies? Don’t forget to visit Camp Scrap sponsor Simon Says Stamp for a great selection!


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  1. I just love love love what you did with that frame. I guess I won’t pass up those frames when I see them at garage sales and flea markets.

  2. Great idea and what a gorgeous frame!!! I’ll be looking for more at garage sales now!!! 😀

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