Camp Scrap day 2: doily + die cut for giftwrap

First off, as promised here (above) is the photo of my December box. Inside I just leave Christmas-y things that I’d gathered for projects and feel will be needed again soon. If it gets too full, I’ll just put some things away. I just find this is incredibly helpful when I’ve decided “quick! Wrap this with something clever!” or am otherwise in need of some holiday craft supplies for journaling, scrapbooking, or other holiday projects.

Here’s a “for example” – I had some extra die cut poinsettias in the box, the brad and paper ribbon you see above too. So when I went to gift wrap, these things were just there waiting to be used up!

Fun fact: Every year I buy a 1lb box of See’s chocolates as an extra gift. Because honestly they’re amazing and I’d give them to just about anyone… but every year some random person (a teacher, a friend who showed up unexpectedly with gifts in hand, etc) ends up being a person I need a last minute gift for and guess what? I can smile, walk over to the tree, and pick up my carefully wrapped box of chocolates for them without anyone being the wiser. Only once in the last decade has it happened that I didn’t need the box, and oh DARN, we had to eat them ourselves.

Oh wait, but I just told you all my trick! Well, if you come over to my house and get see’s – don’t think I forgot you! I actually gift chocolates to quite a few people. Anyhow, as I purchased my customary extra 1lb of chocolate, I decided to go ahead and get it dressed up in one of my favorite fashions – doiles + die cuts.

If you have an electronic die cutting machine you could just cut various sizes of a similar shape (flowers/foliage is great, circles work too) – or you could do this with layered punched shapes or perhaps various layered items in general. The point is – I just painted a bit on my paper, stuck a brad through it all, and used nice strong tape to adhere the ribbon around the box as well as the flower down to the center.

supplies used:

The doilies I used are just from the cake section of the craft store and are the kind I keep around for all kinds of random uses. Any would do – and if you just make the basic formula of  doily (or doilies, if you want them layered) + ribbon around middle + “thing” front and center you can make any number of fabulously decorated packages in all shapes and sizes! It’s a simple idea and yet one that gives such wow factor I can’t help but use it again and again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s project – I’d love to hear and see what you’re up to this holiday season.

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21 thoughts on “Camp Scrap day 2: doily + die cut for giftwrap”

  1. Love this idea, so easy and looks so great! Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Love this idea! I usually have to mail all my packages because we live far from family, but one never knows when an unexpected friend may show up. I love your doily wrapping!

  3. Great idea May! (I think I am going to steal this idea and do the same thing). I think the doilies look great on top of Kraft paper packages too. I also want to try using them as a stencil with some spray paint and make my own wrapping paper this year.

  4. What a lovely looking package. Thanks for the inspiration as I was looking for a unique way to wrap some packages. Using this idea the package can look elegant without bows getting crushed in the mailing. LOL! And I have scads of doilies hanging around.

  5. Great idea about the box of Christmassy trims! Really dressed up that box of See’s! If I lived close by, I’d be dropping in on you for sure! 🙂

  6. Great suggestion: having a basket of stash to work from. I have found that working from my Simon Says kits really seems to free me to make cards without laboring over what to use. That’s it. The kit. As always, you’re a great inspiration.

  7. That is just gorgeous May. And I love the idea of buying and wrapping an extra present. I keep all my Christmas stuff together but it’s not in a nice open basket like yours … might have to re-think!

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