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I’ve noticed a number of bloggers posting “gift guides” and while I won’t post 10938 items or anything, I thought I’d share some of the things I’m doing this year in case it inspires you in your own gifting quests!

These Cath Kidston tapes just came out and they’re so lovely! Perfect for the washi tape addict friend in your life. Whether she’s a crafter or not – if she likes vintage goodies she may love this Tim Holtz tote! Fill it with goodies or leave it empty. A Dylusions art journal is perfect for any kind of journaling – and for anyone of any age really too! It’s a fantastic journal and blank – ready to fill with your own notes, drawings, or anything else you please! Looking for a lined journal? Check out this one from Mod Cloth.

Birchbox has been really fun for me – I’m so glad I subscribed. Basically you get a random box each month with a variety of samples of beauty products and things. I’ve discovered some new faves – plus the monthly happy mail (at just $10/month!) is such a treat. I gave someone special a subscription – you can get more info here. Note that they have a men’s box too.

Want to go light? Think gift-card! Some gifting that I’ve done this season includes Mod Cloth,  Amazon, Simon Says Stamp, classic Starbucks and Target cards, and this year I’m also trying a few bakery or restaurant ones too. The local cupcake shop I used recently was really well received – I encourage you to look local (to you, or to the recipient if different!) and send them out for some good eats!

Now as for the girlies… La Dee Da is a new barbie-like doll collection and my girls have been asking for them like crazy (yes, there will be some under our tree). Another idea for kids, or perhaps someone who just loves doggies that are just too cute is Boo the dog + book. My girls are OBSESSED with this cute little dog, and they’re going to freak out when they find their own little pups + books under the tree from daddy.

Other ideas I’ve got – how about a Williams-Sonoma chocolate sampler for a sampling of some of their best chocolate goodies, perfect for anyone who loves sweet delights! Heck head on over to their website or to a local shop and check out the amazing food + kitchen treats! From peppermint bark to BBQ rubs to baking mixes- they’ve got tons of great stuff! For a bigger gift idea, I will tell you about something we got last Christmas. The Keurig coffee maker we received really changed our morning routine! ZERO mess or fuss- just fast fantastic coffee served up one cup at a time.

The bottom line, I think, is finding something the person will enjoy and that is well within your budget. It can be simple, tiny, or inexpensive. The real fun is finding something that will be treasured. I’ll make a general list of some more ideas to leave you with – if you’ve got ideas you want to share feel free!

  • jewelry, coffee mug, or other handmade item in a theme/subject the person will love from a artisan
  • wrap a few candies/chocolates in a clear gift bag
  • take time to add love and care to your wrapping, especially when it’s a small gift. This adds big heart with little expense!
  • lip gloss or nail polish set (for those teen/tween girls!)
  • amazon or itunes gift cards for the impossible teens/young adults
  • Coffee mug filled with Starbucks via (instant coffee) and/or a gift card and some biscotti or other cookies/treats
  • bottle(s) of soda, beer, or wine (depending on recipient)
  • treats from someplace local! From a winery to a fruit farm that sells their jams, local chocolate shop to funky little shop specializing in handmade whatevers – look for something unique that can’t be found elsewhere.

And last but not least, making a gift is always a wonderful thing as well! Of course if you’re like me, this is the time of year where the time has really run out and any thoughts of hand crafted holiday keepsakes are being noted for 2013!


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  1. You’re going to realize that I’ve been a follower for a bit, but I still remember the Fossil necklaces you bought a couple years ago (I think at an outlet or a great sale) and how pretty you wrapped them. It was like a lightbulb moment that anything looks like a million bucks if it’s wrapped pretty

  2. Thanks for these great tips and links May. Especially the nail polish one for a teen. I now know what I will send my 13 yo niece! Perfect.

  3. I just ordered the Birch Box for 3 mths for my 15 year old! Thanks for the tip, I think she’ll love it!

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