multi-taskin’ Tuesday

It’s a round-up post folks!!

#1: If you’d like to see what I did with some My Mind’s Eye (Rhonna’s Christmas line) goodies, go check out my Hen’s Den guest post! I’ve got four projects and an article up, including the tag you see above. My friend Charlie (I was in Ranger U this last spring with her – LOVE Charlie!) owns the Hen’s Den and I was delighted that they asked me to share.

#2: It has come to my attention that I’ve not been sharing books lately! I know! This is in part because I am very VERY strict about who and what I recommend book-wise over here to my readers, and partly because I’ve been so busy reading Iced (new KMM novel that rocked my socks. holy cow.) that I can’t think about anything else. Lucky for my productivity, I finally finished the book (LOVED it!) and since I have a YEAR or more to wait for the next one, well.. yeah. Bottom line: Book rec post coming soon!!

#3: Speaking of books, watch for a kids book post, and some give-aways too!! Coming next week.

#4: there are only 8, 7 if I don’t count today, days of school before Thanksgiving break. Excuse me while I BREAK OUT IN A COLD SWEAT. I did some Christmas shopping yesterday, bought my cards today. That helped. There is much to be done people. Which brings me to…

#5: Darling readers, I don’t want to bore you ever. So tell me if any of these interest (or really DISinterest) you:

  • my holiday prep guide. what I do that lets me do all that I do this time of year
  • little gifts. Gifts I’m partially ‘crafting’ this season
  • giftwrap ideas
  • decor stuff
  • healthy during the holidays [recipes, ideas, how I’m battling to LOSE weight during this holiday season strategies?]

Also! Do you have any Christmas crafting or scrapbooking questions? Things you would love to see? Or seasonal in general stuff? LET ME KNOW! I’m making lists… checking them twice… and prepping a mini-Camp Scrap holiday edition too!

That’s all for now- have a great day!! [I’m off to VOTE!]

18 thoughts on “multi-taskin’ Tuesday”

  1. May…I adore this tag. I love birds in hats….have a whole collection of them. Would love, love, love, to have you share little gift ideas for the holidays. And a mini-camp scrap would be awesome. Have a rockin’ good day!

  2. I’m interested in all of the topics you mentioned, especially the decor and little gift ideas, plus the ways to try to stay healthy during the holidaze!

  3. Mini camp scrap holiday edition, yeah!!

    Would love to know what little gifts you’re making this year. I think my family are bored with the same old decorated notebooks and picture frames, even if I do love making them!

    On the subject of Christmas scrapbook pages, how do you keep them fresh (sorry, that’s new and original in the UK in case it doesn’t translate)? I think I end up with the same sort of pictures every year with the kids looking a bit older each time, but I don’t want to make the same pages and so I rarely end up making any Christmas ones about the family. Does that make any sense?

    ** Kate **

  4. great tag

    I’m interested in anything and everything you share on your blog—-
    Just keep up the good work

    Read any good books lately?

  5. May, you are always interesting! would love to hear how you are staying healthy (and losing weight–WOW!!) during the holidays. Thanks to your posts, I discovered fitness nerd and am so grateful to you. Really interested in the mini-camp holiday scrap.

  6. Love any and all crafting-related posts, especially holiday ones this time of year. I’d love the reinforcement of some “lose or maintain weight” posts, too. I’ve been doing really well, but the dark cold weather seems to not be my friend when it comes to healthy eating. Or, I should say, “I am not making healthy eating a priority!”

  7. Love any and all of the topics you listed. I am also trying to lose weight through the holidays, and know that it is work. Love your blog, and anything you care to share.

  8. I love everything you put on your blog. It would be great to see what gifts & projects you are making.

  9. What a great tag!
    I always enjoy reading your blog but would really be interested in seeing you blog about small gifts.

  10. Very cute tag!! love rhonna designs! I would love to see your Xmas card ideas, tags, Xmas gift ideas (I’m in the process of making several mini albums…..looking forward to many late nights ;-)) Thank you as always for your inspiration!

  11. All of the above!!! A mini scrap camp! Yahoo! Eating healthy during the holidays is is always challenging so I am extremely interested in this topic. Can’t wait to see what you will have on your blog over the next few weeks. LOVE that canvas! I think I would love to put the tree on a Christmas card!

  12. Love that tag and can’t wait for more book recs … I’m just about to start the 4th book in the Blades of the Rose series. And I’d like to hear more about all of the above!

  13. This is a wonderful post,May. I am most definitely interested in all of the suggested ideas. Believe it or not when my children were younger, I actually was very organized and productive. Now that they are mostly off and on their own with their own children, I am a disorganized mess. I wish I knew what happened and how to get it back. Healthy during the holidays is of big interest. I have been smoke free for 18 weeks and have gained about a pound a week for that healthy change in my life (she said sarcastically). Looking forward to Christmas Camp Scrap.

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