It was a royally good time…

my feet beg to differ, but the rest of me (and the whole family) had such a great time down at Disneyland. It was good to be unplugged and just play… to be away from all our regular stuff for a while, and to just enjoy.

Good times. Great food. Many memories.

Now, off to order photos and (hopefully) unpack and get some real world stuff sorted out today…

8 thoughts on “It was a royally good time…”

  1. Feet don’t seem to get the magic of Disney (maybe Disney should look into paving with recycled rubber tires like some playgrounds…) So glad you had a great time! It really is a magical place where everyone has a great time! And I’m glad you’re back to spread paper-crafting joy over the internet!

  2. What beautiful princesses. Glad you had a day to play. Playtime is just as necessary for adults as kids!

  3. Looks like those princesses are all smiles. I love Halloweentime at Disneyland. I always enjoy all the decor and detail they put into it.

  4. The girls are beautiful! I’m glad you enjoyed your day. Now you can put your feet up, I hope.

  5. How fun May. Did you get to go to the Halloween party?? We are moving back to Hong Kong and I’m so excited to be able to go to HK Disneyland regularly!!

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