Halloween Decor: Witch hat

I have had this paper witch hat for too long, and I’m determined to USE UP stuff I’ve got… *and* I still have some Martha Stewart Halloween goodies I want to use. This added up to a fun (and surprisingly quick) little decor project…

1. Paint the hat. First I painted a thick white coat, allowing some unevenness to create texture. Then I took some orange paint and did the same, letting my brush leave stroke marks that would later add texture. Third up, black paint applied in a splotchy manner, and very thin. Finally, another coat of orange this time lightly done and not all over. I used Martha Stewart Satin craft paints and I have to say – I’m impressed. I really like the thickness and overall feel of these paints. I’ll use them in future for sure!

2. Decorate the hat! I used hotglue (as I mostly do for this type of home decor project) to apply a band (paper 3/4″ high from Martha), then glue random bits and  baubles found in the depth of my craft things closet.

3. Apply ring of liquid adhesive around the outside edge, then apply various glitters.

Simple, and so much fun. I loved putting the random bits and pieces together, and once again blending scrapbooking items with general crafting!


11 thoughts on “Halloween Decor: Witch hat”

  1. Love the hat and how you put it together. Just had to pin it. thanks as always for sharing.

  2. First-I absolutely love the hat.You do Halloween so darn well! 2nd-help.I have not been receiving your blog updates to my e-mail.I thought maybe I needed to sign up again-but it says I am already subscribed.And definitely not going in my spam.

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