Heidi Swapp mini memory file book

Today I want to share a surprisingly quick & easy mini book combining Heidi Swapp mini file folders and part of a fotostack album as well.

Supplies used:

To start, I figured out which three folders I wanted to use, and which one I wanted to have as the cover. Then I stitched two pages from a ‘fotostack’ mini album (that happened to be the two pages I had left after using the rest of it on other projects!) across the cover of my cover folder.

The two folders I wanted inside my book, I stitched into the folder next. My sewing machine had no problem with this, and then to really make sure this would be solid I ran a line of glue down the center and let it dry to really seal those stitches.

With the album in place – now all I have to do is decorate the cover and fill it with photos!

Yes, the goal with this particular book is to keep it SIMPLE.  This will become a gift, and one I wanted to get created in a single craft session. I absolutely love these mini folders (about 8 1/2 x 7) – they’re such a great size and I’m going to have to get MORE for my crafting definitely. One pack won’t be enough to satisfy all the ideas I’ve got!

I especially love, as a 4×6 printed photo girl, that this makes the perfect size book for my photos without trimming them – as well as great for multiple tiny photos as well.

One tip: a big thing with me and mini books is that photos and elements sometimes want to stick to each other. Not a problem here! I just used some double sided tape and some sheets of vellum (5.5 x 8.5″) between my pages. Problem solved!

To adhere I just folded (about 1/2″) the vellum and ran double sided tape down that little folded bit and tucked it into my book as needed. Such an easy solution!

I just used photos + instaframes (LOVE THOSE!) + bits of paper and set my photos up so quickly and easily!

I really love that I was able to get this put together in a single crafting session, and I didn’t worry about getting fancy inside the book either. This project is more ‘photo album’ style – and I’m having a lot of fun making this kind of thing lately to give away or share with others.

I did play a bit more with my cover though – some ink + some accents…

and a peek inside that front flap…

I love that this album has pages on the front +  full pages inside…

I do love those rub-ons that come with the instaframes. They’re such fun.

I can’t tell you how much I *LOVE* that Heidi Swapp product from the last release goes perfectly with the new stuff! I’ve had fun using up my stash while playing with the new goodies too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple book – I’ve still got more to come tomorrow with one last post in this series!

note: I’ll have more ideas coming with these folders for sure! If you’d like more inspiration right away, be sure to visit Heidi’s blog where she shares all kinds of ideas!

7 thoughts on “Heidi Swapp mini memory file book”

  1. Love what you did with this! I’m so intrigued by these memory files, but I often can’t quite picture how I could use them. Love seeing your take!

  2. May, as always, stellar job! I’ve been working all day and just took a break to read your blog and now I want to CREATE!!!! I think I might just do it! Carpe Diem!

  3. I’m wanting to make one of these albums for my son’s football pics. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about where to start? It would be greatly appreciated !

  4. A little late finding your site, but really like your work, the mini pages are the best. Thanks for sharing

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