challenge: no rules!

First off, head over immediately (if you’ve not done so already) and visit Simon Says Stamp & Show – it is a “no rules” week. This means you can make anything – any style, any look, any type of project!!  The rules + post can be found over there. You want to enter because it is fun, plus Simon Says Stamp gives away (randomly) a $50 voucher each week to one lucky entrant!!! You can get all the details at the blog here.



Ok, so what is new in the Flaum-i-verse? Well I won’t front – it has been really stressful. It is all that tiny little stuff that adds up and soon feels like mountain ranges separate you from where you want to be. Hate that!! It has been keeping my muse at bay, and my time in the studio quite limited. At first I thought I’d have to sit out this challenge – then I realized no. This is no rules week, right? So that big home decor project I had been planning to do can be put off, and instead I can do something else entirely. So I didn’t make a project. I made a video of me crafting.

I gave myself 10 minutes to play (and my original unedited video that detailed the entire process was 9min30seconds – dang close!) and enjoy. I didn’t tell myself what to do I just played with some new goodies fresh out of a package from Simon Says Stamp and I had fun. The video is posted here in this week’s challenge post.

Crafting, dear readers, should always be fun. It shouldn’t ever feel forced or rushed or done out of some sense of obligation. It should be enjoyed. Savored. Treasured. I believe so strongly in this, and I’m glad that instead of throwing in the towel or forcing some uninspired creation to pass across my desk I just played and enjoyed.

Because you know what? I see my muse peeking at me and waving from just beyond the shrinking mountain range. I see the piles of to-do shriveling up as I work hard and stay focused. I see inspiration and find that keeping track of all that is positive is helping to ease what I perceive as impossible, to make my tasks that much easier to do.

This does relate to crafting because you know what? It is OK that I’ve got an unopened package of supplies and that my studio is a mess. It is alright that I’ve been prioritizing outdoor activities, rest, and spending time with family when I’m not running around doing paperwork stuff.

I don’t put rules on my crafting though – because that is my one special thing. That is my activity that is without pressure and just for fun. I think this is why, every year I love to craft more. I get so much joy from it.

If you craft something this week, be sure to enter it in the SSS challenge! AND, if you’re so inclined, let me know and leave a link here! I’d love to come check out what you’ve made…

Note: if you’d like to know about the products I used in the video, they’re all available at Simon Says Stamp. Here’s a supply list:

8 thoughts on “challenge: no rules!”

  1. Thanks for reminding all of us that our hobby should be fun! Sometimes we tend to forget that and see it as an obligation or get overwhelmed by all of the projects that we have on our own mental “to-do” list. We put undue stress and pressure on ourselves to keep up with who?!?!?
    I need to make time this week to play…I think we all need to.

  2. Wow – I am SO THERE lately.
    Appreciate your candor – sometimes we look in other people’s virtual windows & assume they have it all rolling smoothly along (and so why can’t I?). Also appreciate your plug for unapologetic crafting time for ourselves – cheap therapy, as the saying goes! Grateful to be able to connect with others on this scrappy ride. Thanks.

  3. I really commend you for keeping it real, the balance we all strive for, and how to cope …with a positive attitude!

  4. Great post! Totally have that happening when I get too focused and then I can’t hear my muse talking to me!

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