Five for Friday

Ah, I’m excited to be back to regularly scheduled blogging and sharing links and other random bits with you as well. Today I have a few things I wanted to point out that came across my desk this week…

1. Steve at Nerd Fitness has a great article about dominating Mondays. I couldn’t agree more – I love a fresh start, new week, and rocking it out right from the start. Notable: Steve is a HUGE inspiration to me, and one of my fitness Yodas. I can’t recommend the site enough. He has really helped me a ton this summer getting my fat self in gear/shape. More on that another day.

2. I can never resist a Shimelle video, and her alter ego Glitter Girl is just the best. This week Glitter Girl is talking about instant memories (polaroids, etc) and it is a great episode. You can see her video here.




Source: via Vintage on Pinterest


This makes me laugh a lot. Uh, I may be a soccer team mom x2 now, but no. just… no.

and now five…

Happy Birthday to my wee one!

Have a great weekend everyone – I hope it is filled with crafty time and lots of fun.

8 thoughts on “Five for Friday”

  1. The pic of your daughter is absolutely beautiful with the sunshine coming down. My little one turned 5 last Thursday – it is an amazing age – I’m loving every minute!

  2. Hi, May. I don’t post in the galleries much, or post on the message board; but I just have to say you ROCK!
    I have learned so much from you, and am taking a whole different look at my supplies and how I scrapbook now. I love all five on your list; your daughter is just a doll. Just wanted to let you know you made a difference in my world. Thanks so much for the inspiration,

  3. Thank you, May, for making me smile and another wonderful week of crafty goodness. I love the Sunbeam Girl photo. Perfect!!

  4. That is SO funny, actually I know a few moms that probably read Team Mom and proud of it—oh my 🙂 … thanks for that chuckle! Fab pic of your presh daughter … have a great weekend!

  5. Happy happy birthday Miss Becca!! OMG I am seriously LOL here at the Team Moms stuff you can make!! Wonder how it would go down here! Love that Roald Dahl quote too

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for the info on nerd fitness! PS you don’t want to be a team mom? Hee Hee!

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