creative play | get messy and enjoy!

Would you like to take a trip into the studio and see what happens when I decide to fit creating time into a busy day because I just really want to? I hope so – that’s what you’re getting today here in Camp Scrap. Here is the layout I made:

Inspired by: Anna (aka Finnabair)- though I ended up not spending more time layering and getting a lot of texture here, I like how she has mediums and layers things right into gel on her pages… so inspiring. I had her in my mind when doing this page.

How did I get this look? We’ll I’ll share that in a moment. Here are the supplies used:

How did I create the layout? Well you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I think… so I’ll just show you:

[link to youtube]

I have to tell you – I’ll be using more of that texture paste in the near future! LOVED it! I linked to molding paste in my supplies, but it was actually “texture” paste. Works the same, but texture paste is gritty. I found mine at Michael’s – most art or craft stores have some brand of “paste” in the artist section. It’s big fun – more coming with that soon.

and if you’re looking to add to your washi tape stash – I recommend checking out the deals to be had over at Cara’s…

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30 thoughts on “creative play | get messy and enjoy!”

  1. I love your page and I love watching this kind of videos. Because somtimes we don’t feel like being well prepared for doing a page. We use what we have on hand and we see what we can do at that moment. And I love to use my hand too when I do projects. Sometimes I have more paint and ink on my hands then on my project. Thanks for sharing,

  2. I Loved this video but I love all your videos! They inspire and give me courage to go outside my comfort zone of doing very straight lines and noooo mess so thanks!!! and please do more spur of the moment videos!

  3. Love the video, please keep doing them. It’s fun to see your process and I always enjoy the results and your layouts. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Just wanted to pop in and say I liked this type of video where you don’t pre-plan. I like seeing the thought process behind creating layouts… color choices, filling in trapped space, adding texture and layers. It is fun to see these things come together on the fly.

  5. Love your video, this is how I work so I appreciate another creative artist at work. My daughter turned me on to you, love your blog, stle and the fact that you are fun, Inspiring and creative.

  6. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas, I am loving campscrap. I just started using Washi Tape and I am hooked, would love to win some Washi Tape for my collection:)

  7. I appreciate that you take us from start to finish and include your thought process.

  8. I love your video, watching your process, just trying things out and making them work.

  9. Looks fun and messy. I love, love, love Finnabair’s work – thanks for introducing us in the Curious Scrapbooker.

  10. What a hoot! I love that you are so free to do whatever strikes your fancy – something that doesn’t come that easily for me. Thanks for sharing!

  11. May…..
    I just love the freedom of this style of scrapping! I love spontaneity and individuality.
    (and being messy)!!!
    Never stop sdoing your videos, they are a treat!

  12. Yes, I love this video, I just found your blog about an hour ago and have every intention of stalking you.. I mean following…you… well, your blog. I am a little weird, not dangerous…except when in my craft room with messy stuff. thanks.

  13. Great layout, I like being able to see the process especially when the project is not preplanned and love ideas for using the texture paste.

  14. Loved the video. As always I am so inspired by your stress free attitude towards creating…so refreshing and inspiring! Thanks.

  15. Love the videos! I love the artsy stuff mixed in with scrapbooking – my 8 year old daughter and I have been taking an art journal class at our local scrapbook shop (whim-so-doodle / you should come teach there sometime).

  16. More I say! The world needs more of these “watch May create precision scrapbooking pages” videos! =)
    I am seriously inspired to create without a plan and bust out some of those tubes of texture gel and just create!! Thanks May!

  17. Great video May. I love this look into your creative process. How did you get your photos printed. Such a great idea to get them all 2×3. And yes please keep on doing videos like this!! I really like the row of buttons

  18. Please keep doing these videos. I love watching your creative process and the end result. It really inspires me to push myself out of the comfort zone. Love the messy stuff:)

  19. I am with you. You can never get too messy. Love the improvisational way you put this page together. I never have a plan and just keep working until I like it. Thanks as always for sharing.

  20. May, your videos are great! I love seeing your process and how easily it all comes together for you.

  21. Loved watching your process. I’ll be honest. I had my doubts at the beginning, but by the end of the video, you had an amazing layout. Thanks for sharing with us and I would definitely love to see more of these types of videos.

  22. Finally I am getting a chance to catch up from vacation, this was fun to watch! Sometimes seeing these pages from people they look so pulled together and thought out so it’s great to see you just going with the flow and in the end it looks terrific! I’m afraid mine would look like a big mess, but perhaps I really can give it a try.

    Does the media take long to dry? Sometimes when working on stuff like this I set it aside to dry and work on something else and I think that messes with the “process” 😉

  23. I really love this kind of process video, it was very entertaining and intriging to see another artist and their process step by step. I love your free style, keep the videos coming!!!! I feel so inspired to play!

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