increased levels of happiness.

Who wants to hit Disneyland? This is just too cute. Plus, I love happy places.


I went for a few hours at CHA… but we’ve not been as a family since 2009 and the great swine flu experience [where i raced us home, the only one not sick… my fever spiked in our driveway as we arrived home then we all spent a week locked up… not the best end to a trip]

ANYHOW! I’m really, really, REALLY excited to get planning a trip for the family at some point sooner than later. California Adventure is finally ready for the Flaums…

4 thoughts on “increased levels of happiness.”

  1. Too Cute! DH and I are thinking of going this summer, just the two of us! You’re never too old for happiness.

  2. What a great ad! I want to go to Disneyland too – haven’t been for over 10 years

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