4 more projects with the SSS June kit…

I have been on an absolute RAMPAGE of Burn Notice. It is all Melissa’s fault – she’s the one who told me “just try it”. Based on our mutual love of many similar (excellent) foods and her awesomeness in general I gave it a go. She also has told me to try other shows… I’m scared if I try all of them at once you’ll never see me again, as I’ll fall into a pit of most excellent TV.

I have a point.

I ADORE Burn Notice. I can’t believe I’m saying this… but it kicks Alias out of the #1 spy spot that it has held for so long! Anyhow, seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix streaming, season 5 I finally found available somewhere most unexpected: on my TV. Seriously… I rarely actually sit and watch TV. I was baffled to find on-demand had the whole season 5 waiting for me… who would guess that my actual TV has shows on it?! haha. I’m VERY geeked out – now I can catch up and start season 6 in June when it premiers! YAY!

I swear I have a point, I’ll get to it now.

All the streaming TV in my studio = more time creating = more projects to share! Today I’m sharing 4 things I made with my Simon Says Stamp kit before dismantling it/putting the leftover bits into my stash. 3 are cards because, well, I’m busting my butt trying to make better cards. We’ll talk more about how that is going soon:

and a tag…

Cards take me WAY longer than tags, often as long as a layout. Actually if you asked me to make any layout or any card… I could make a layout faster. Also? I find them incredibly hard to make. I’ve always just said “I’m not a card maker” but lately I want to be one. I want to master that skill damnitall and I’m determined. I’ll be doing a whole blog series on my (mis)adventures and what I’m finding works vs doesn’t for me, etc… it’s on the schedule. I am getting better at it and learning some valuable tricks. I may even make a whole class out of it we’ll see…

add it to my always growing to-do list!

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11 thoughts on “4 more projects with the SSS June kit…”

  1. Cant wait to see more about making cards. I actually started as a scrapbooker and then worked into making cards and I have fallen in love with making cards and can do it so much faster than making a layout every happens.!! I am so behind in the photo realm that I get discouraged that I will never get caught up .

  2. Burn Notice ROCKS …. I hate cards as well, sign me up for that class b/c buying cards feels lame.

  3. First, you may not think you are a card maker but you could fool me by what I am seeing above. They are fabulous, edgy and arty. I would be thrilled to receive any one of them. Next, yes Burn Notice does rock. It’s one of the shows we never miss. Third…another show, I know, you don’t want another one but truly, if you like BN you will equally like Person of Interest. Ex special ops guy teamed up with computer geek (who created a “machine”) to save unsuspecting people of the danger they are in. It has so many subplots it will keep you entertained for sure. Love the two main characters. Season One just ended…cliff hanger of course.

  4. I’d love for you to do a card making class! I also dislike making cards and have no idea why. Would be interesting to maybe figure out why. Also burn notice has been a fave of mine for a lonnnnnnnng time so glad you’re now addicted like my whole family!

  5. For someone who feel challenged with cardmaking…..you have done a fabulous job with these! Love the twine, embellishments, doilies, sentiments…..very nice.

  6. Burn notice is great but beating out alias? I don’t know about that, now!

  7. my sentiments exactly….I love making cards better than layouts for pages and must get out of the habit of putting off the pages as I have a wedding and a graduation to scrap this month…ahh!

  8. I’m totally stuck on the train trip. Can’t wait to hear the details. I did it from the other direction to CO a yr. ago.

  9. Entered too quickly. Great advice I rec’d was neck pillow and light weight blankies.

  10. OK, you’ve convinced me to check out Burn Notice! And as for not being a card maker, I notice that you say that quite a bit but I’ve never seen a card you posted that I didn’t like!

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