DCWV Friday project + prize

Winner from last week: Ruth G  – I’ve emailed you! Congrats!

Now, I’m staying in my Coral Couture stack and getting inspired by this paper…

With limited time + a torn up thumb (craft knife accident) what’s a crafter to do? Make cards!

I cut myself some banners (steps seen above) for my first card. The second one was really simple (just some distress stickles over top and some ink at edges) as well.

Prize Time:

Would you like to win two stacks from DCWV’s latest collections? Leave a comment here to be entered for your chance to win. I will announce winner at the start of the next week’s DCWV Friday post. DCWV requests that entries be limited to within the USA.

Thank you DCWV for sponsoring these weekly give-aways! 

62 thoughts on “DCWV Friday project + prize”

  1. Those cards are both so beautiful! So sorry to hear about your wound. I hope it heals quickly. Ah…the life and perils of a crafter… Thanks for the chance to win! 😀

  2. I love your style. I always find some technique that I can use when I see your projects. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those craft knives are dangerous and the cuts can be tough to heal – hope it does so quickly. Cute cards – love the colors! I wish my banner ends looked as good as yours – mine always look a little lopsided.

  4. Ouch! Hope your “battle wound” heals fast! And thank you once again for the inspiration and yes, that is beautiful, beautiful paper.

  5. Yipee! I’m so excited about winning! Thanks so much!
    I love the colors in your cards! It seems like there’s a whole lot of turqouise or aqua or whatever you want to call it going on right now and it’s so calming and lovely! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll have to find your e-mail, although I have some cards and gift wrap to make today…

  6. Love the cards. Hope your thumb gets better quickly!

    I love anything DCWV! I’d love to win. Thanks.

  7. Hope your thumb heals quickly – been there done that – not fun! I would love to win too!!

  8. Really appreciate the chance to win. Love the color combinations. Sorry about your accident. Hope it heals quickly!

  9. Your cards are great, and you managed to avoid getting any blood drops on them. If I remember correctly, at one time you said you are not fond of making cards because of less than satisfying results. Maybe I am remembering incorrectly because these cards are just fine.
    Hope you at least have a smiley face bandage on your wounded thumb.

  10. May, you have really turned me on to badges. Loved how your badges came out. Those DCWV pads are really versatile in your very crafty hands.

  11. ouch… I’ve had one of those accidents before. One involved stitches, on my left hand just days before my wedding. not good! Love your cards, and thanks for the cool trick on the banner making!

  12. Thanks for the chance to win! As usual, your cards are very inspiring!

  13. What beautiful cards!!! Hope your cuts heals quickly!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  14. I think it is just fantastic that you are offering these great prizes and showing samples of cards that can be made from them!

  15. Ouch! I hope your thumb feels better soon. Luckily youve got that gorgeous paper to keep you smiling.
    Great cards!

  16. Hi May, I’m still lovin’ what you’re doing with this specific stack from DCWV. What great cards and both designs look pretty simple and turned out quite elegant!! Hope the thumb heels quickly!

  17. I’m loving the new DCWV papers that are coming out. Thanks for sharing your cards and for the chance to win!

  18. Getting so much inspiration from these Friday posts. Hope the finger heals quickly.

  19. I love your blog (just found you last week-thanks to Mario), all your ideas, and a chance to win some gorgeous paper! That’s so generous! Thanks for everything!

  20. I love your cards. You are bringing this stack to life. Hope your finger feels better soon!

  21. Love the DCWV stacks, especially with flowers and glitter!! LOL.. THanks for the chance to win!

  22. bright and happy paper and images, just what is needed for the end of winter, beginning of spring. lovely cards.

  23. May~ I love the simple and pretty cards you made with this line…and thanks for throwing my name in the hat to win some!

  24. The more I see,the more I like.the colors are so bright and rich looking.Your cards came out great.Hope your thumb heals quickly.I have to admit that way too many of my projects have blood on them somewhere.

  25. I love DCWV stacks! There is very rarely anything in them that i don’t like! Thanks for the chance to win, and hope your thumb heals quickly. ouch.

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