14 thoughts on “View from my desk.”

  1. You go girl! I hope you enjoy your new configuration. I’ll be watching for your updates on this project. It’s always interesting to see what others do with their space.

  2. ooo love it with the workspace by the window!!! or was it always like that? Either way liking the new setup =)

  3. I love the way you tell it like it is. I can’t wait to read more. And I love your work table! Looks like a lot of creativity has gone on there.

  4. Great idea with the work area under the window! Lots of light and hopefully you have a beautiful view! TFS

  5. Amazingly neat. If I took a picture of my tabletop right now you wouldn’t be able to see it. My room is filled to the rafters. I have so much stuff every wall is covered with shelves or library drawers, Container Store drawers where all the stamps live a closet with more stuff than I’ll every use. I think it’s time for an intervention…

  6. May! LOVE your space! I find myself even MORE into craft spaces/studios even more than ever now that we’ve moved, and I have a different space (not yet set up), but might even get to design my own space! GASP! LOVE to see how you organize, but mostly, I LOVE to see how colorful your work table is…it’s my second favorite thing about mine (first being that my hubs made it for me…it’s my favorite piece of furniture, ever!). SO very inspiring to move things around isn’t it? Hope you’re having a blast in there!

  7. I find myself constantly rearranging my space & storage. As I get more stuff, I have to rearrange!
    Your space is gorgeous! Where did you get that small shelf that your tool spinner is on? That is too cute! I so need that for my craft room!

  8. Wow! Super neat and organizsed. I’m inspired to sort out my storage and organize my space better.

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