May’s pick | Hero Arts zig-zag background stamp

2012 is the year of the background stamp for me. I’m using them on any and everything in my path! There is one surprise though. If you’d asked me which of my stamps would be the most used, the most broken in, it wouldn’t have been this one. I’m not real into graphic looking stuff usually. Yet the simplicity and versatility of this one have proven themselves to me big time. This is a stamp I LOVE.

The Hero Arts Zig Zag stamp is ruling my stamping these last few months! It can be used so many ways, and it adds that subtle pattern and direction. Truly, I adore it.

I love layering it on as part of my background when building a tag, or stamping on a die cut. Above you can see it used with distress ink onto a damp tag (oh how I love the blended look it can get!)

Here I’ve used a distress marker to color just part of it. I’ve found myself stamping bits of it, like arrows really You cuold do any amount you like. You may notice my stamp is stained blue and green… well that’s because I use it with paint a ton too! Love the painted stamp look.

Finally here’s the first page I ever did with this stamp – using it to make my own patterned paper behind my photos. I have no doubt this stamp is going to be a favorite for a long while to come. I realize chevron pattern is something hot right now – but it’s also a classic zig-zag pattern and I don’t see it going anywhere in the near future. Like polka dots or stripes – it’s gonna be around.

Here’s a link to the stamp at – if you need enabling that is.


8 thoughts on “May’s pick | Hero Arts zig-zag background stamp”

  1. love this stamp!!! In fact, I went to buy it the other day, coupon in hand and my local store was sold out…so sad 🙁 It remains on my wish list for sure!

  2. I’m just getting into making my own backgrounds with stamps! Love this stamp and will have to pick it up. It looks so versatile and I love that you brought up that it can be used in any direction! I tend to think so linear that I wouldn’t have thought to move things around!

  3. I love this stamp, too! It was the 1st stamp from the last release that I bought, and I’m so glad I did. I use it all the time.

  4. I looked at this very stamp yesterday in my local stamp supply store and sadly put it back:( Now I wanna go back and get it. LOL Thanks for showing me inspiration for using this stamp.

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