yep! Miss E turns 7 this weekend. I’ll be sharing some party/crafty pics next week. For now, here are a few past layouts featuring miss E…


11 thoughts on “seven…”

  1. Happy Birthday to Little Miss E!
    Your layouts are gorgeous! Love the way you use color in a subtle way to showcase your photos!

  2. Oh May, she’s gorgeous! They grow fast, don’t they? My baby girl is just turned 19 and is living away at college. I still can’t believe it!!!! Did you ever see that commercial where a dad is talking to his little 7-year-old girl as she is behind the seat of his car, and he’s giving her all sorts of driving advise and she finally says to him, in a very nice way , “ok, dad, I get it,” except when the camera pans back to her, she is no longer a 7-year-old, but a beautiful 18-year-old? That’s what it feels like to me! Time flew!
    Great job on your LOs!

  3. Happy birthday to Miss E. I am so happy that she has recuperated and can have a party. The first lo has been a fave of mine since I first saw it last year. Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday to the beautiful young lady that I’ve watched grow up through her Mom’s amazing lo’s.

  5. Happy birthday to Miss E! I can’t believe how much both of your girls have grown. Thank you for sharing them with us!

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