Then this happened.

Life moves pretty fast. You never can tell what’s gonna happen next. A trip to ER just to be cautious has become a hospital stay for E (I’m here with her).


A special visitor came today. This beautiful dog (and one other) really brightened an otherwise dull time here in the hospital.

Miss E is doing good. Right now she’s being observed and will be here (and me right by her side) a while longer…

If you’re in my class at Big Picture – it’s begun!! Class materials are up (also watch your email!) and the fun has begun. If you aren’t there is still time to register. I’m grateful for descent wifi + laptop keeping me connected.

Also grateful for all the well wishes from friends and kind hospital staff and for a target so close that has made clean clothes and properly conditioned hair a reality. Being truly clean? It’s made all the difference in me feeling more myself and made me more effective to be here for E.

Crossing fingers for my girl to get well soon and be back at home too!

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  1. May, I hope the best and may your daughter be fine soon. I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  2. Life as a mom is never dull that’s for sure! Sending positive thoughts your way for you and your daughter. Hope she’s feeling better soon and gets to go home very very soon. Take care

  3. Oh, May! I hope that as I type this all is well. I can see from the photo that that beautiful dog has put a smile on her face. Hoping you are both home soon.

    ** Kate **

  4. From one who has spent a lot of time in hospitals lately, I wish E much better soon and look after yourself too May – good wishes sent from overseas x

  5. hope that she is feeling better soon. Take care of yourself and your gorgeous girl. Loving all the inspiration in your new class May – wow!!!

  6. Poor girl! Sending prayers up for Miss E. So great that you can be right there with her. She looks thrilled to have her sweet visitor.

    Speaking of your class, I signed up yesterday (shout out to Paperclipping Roundtable for the discount code) and what I have seen so far is amazing. A metric ton of videos and inspiration! Can’t wait to get my hands dirty this weekend while taking TheCurious Scrapbooker’s Field Guide. Thank you!

    Take care of yourself and Elizabeth. I wish her speedy healing.

  7. Sorry! Hope E is home soon, although it sure seems the dog is helping. Also sorry about your upheaval during the class. Take care of both of you!

  8. Wishing you and E a speedy recovery with the help of wonderful nurses, be they human or 4 footed furry ones.

  9. He only gives us what we can handle ……….its just amazing that He thinks we can handle so much !!!

    Prayers for Miss E and you r whole family. Hope your in your own beds soon.


  10. Oh May, I am so sorry that this happened. Sending you all my warm wishes for a speedy recovery for Miss E and for you to have comfort and peace as well.

  11. I hope she feels better soon! I’ve been there way too many times with my son. I know you are feeling a bit worried. Hang in there! I am sending some well wishes for all of you.I will see you over at the field guide class. 🙂

  12. Hello May, I am so sorry Miss E is in the hospital. It sounds like she is being well looked after, so I hope she feels better & gets to go home very soon. Best wishes & big virtual hugs to her & to you.

  13. Hope little Miss E is out and about soon! So wonderful to have the dogs as a distraction for the both of you! Sending prayers your way! PS I am loving the new class! Can’t wait to get home and explore more!!!! Take care – both of you!

  14. Oh goodness May! I hope all gets resolved soon so that you and Miss E can get back home. I do hope it’s nothing too serious and that Elizabeth feels tons better!

    Oh, BTW–loving class!

  15. May….I hope your girl gets better sooner rather than later. Praying for strength and peace for you and wisdom for her physicians.


  16. May,
    I’m so sorry!!! I hope your sweet girl is feeling better and on her way to getting out of the hospital.
    I’ll be praying for y’all.


  17. Well wishes to Miss E that she is able to leave the hospital very soon, It’s wonderful that she received her special visitors because they help with recovery. Bless you all!!

  18. As I said in my email I am sending healing thoughts Miss E’s way and wishing you well too. What a difference it makes that a parent can stay with their child in the hospital. I remember going back and forth to Chicago every day for several months years ago when my youngest was ill. I think that you being with Miss E will help speed along her recovery. God bless and be by your side.

  19. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family. This summer I stayed with my 11 yr. old in the hospital for 5 days. It’s hard on everyone. We also had a therapy dog come by and it was great. Praying for her speedy recovery.

  20. Get Well Soon Miss E! I know that puppy had to make a huge difference, for everyone! We have pet therapy at our hospital, and I just WISH it would happen when I’m there!! The patients say it’s the BEST!! Hope all goes well, for having a hospital stay!

  21. Oh no, your poor baby. I hope she recovers super fast and you can both get out of there. I know from lot of experience that hospitals are not fun places to be. I signed up for class yesterday! Love all the stuff on mists!

  22. Delurking to send you and Miss E. best wishes and heartfelt prayers for q quick and easy recovery.

  23. Wow… kids, you never know what’s going to come next! Will say a prayer for you both! Beautiful dog (and daughter, LOL)… you must be a very proud mom!

  24. May – will say a special prayer for your precious daughter to recover quickly and get back to a bright life! So glad the dogs showed up, by the way – they are such a wonderful comfort at times like this!

  25. My heart is so touched by this. Any child in need always pulls on my heart. She is so fortunate to have such a wonderful mom and family. Get well soon!

  26. My best wishes for your daughter. As a mom, I can imagine how hard it would be to have your little one in the hospital.

  27. Big Hug! I so hope that you guys are home really soon, and that it’s nothing to worry about! All the best from San Jose.

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