garage/blog sale time…

First: Kathryn Kadletz EMAIL ME (mflaum @ comcast . net) – you’ve won the 8×8 paper pad from my last give-away. Congrats!!


If you are interested, not everyone has been paid for yet, so one or two may become available. email me and I will let you know if I’m able to include you.
I hope everyone who gets one ENJOYS!!

note: if you paid already, then you’ve heard from me + should have shipping confirmation (unless international). If you haven’t contact me ASAP!


Here’s the deal:

  • I pack former class supplies, extras, embellishment kits, baggies ‘o fun goodies, and more into flat-rate medium priority shipping boxes.


  • Each one is different, each one is packed and a great value. New ink pad, mini book, stamps, letter stickers, rub-ons… basically I pack each box with love + care, packaging up all kinds of things that need a home.


  • $38 includes the shipping, and is cost within USA. If you are not in USA but want a box, email me (and tell me where you are) and I will invoice you accordingly. In past the USPS rate is $30-35 more for international shipping. I’m happy to do it – just let me know.

The contents are a surprise, I do this to save time (don’t have to photograph) which means I pass on the great deal to you. I do promise it’s good things, and not packed with small scraps or things I don’t want. It’s simply class left-overs, discontinued items, and lovely scrapbook supplies that need a good home.

Here’s the beginning of one box I started to pack this morning…

That was just two class kits I grabbed to START this particular box… oh yes, lots of fun to be had. If you want one shoot me an email

Let me know who to paypal invoice (the email addy) and I will fire it off ASAP. I will also be shipping today and tomorrow – so by this weekend you could have some new to you goodies to play with.

5 thoughts on “garage/blog sale time…”

  1. HiMay,
    Count me in!! Your boxes rock!!

    I’ll email you right now.

    He a Blessed dy,

  2. May, I would have loved to had a chance to get one of these. One problem, you posted this at 6 something am. Feedburner did not deliver this post to my email till 8:48pm.

  3. hi Laurie,
    this is why I posted the day before that I’d be doing it at 6a PST this morning, so anyone who wanted one would have a chance and know it was coming. I’ve emailed you so that if you’d still like one and one becomes available (likely) I will save it for you. Let me know!

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