Creatively stumped: getting started [and win a prize!]

What do you do when you have something shiny and new, think it is lovely…

but can not bring yourself to use it.

I have stumbled across this every day for about a week now, as I attempt to use for the first time my new Graphic 45 pretties. Oh I have assignments to work on and other things to do so I put it aside… truth? I don’t want to mess it up! Luckily I know just what to do, especially as I’ve finally identified that I’m stalling and in a creative ditch. So. Ask yourself this:

1. Are you intimidated, or uninspired? Because it’s two different things. If uninspired, you should check out the company or on-line galleries at your fave spot. Find something cool and use it as inspiration. Look up the design team blogs and see what they’re doing with it.

If intimidated, you should try this…

2. Pick your least favorite of all the papers/stickers/etc, or just one “thing” that is from new precious. USE IT. NOW. On your next project no matter what. Breaking that barrier is the key.

3. Ask yourself this: what’s the worst thing that could happen? Answer: you ruin a sheet of paper or embellishment. Is it replaceable? of course. If you totally mess up, and NEED another sheet/piece/etc… you can get another. It’s ok.

The bottom line is this: It is better to have used and enjoyed playing with your precious new product than it is to have it just sitting in your stash.

Now, who wants to win an 8×8 paper pad of this FABULOUS line?

Not only am I challenging myself to use this amazingly beautiful paper TODAY, but I’m also going to share! Leave a comment here to be entered, winner will be drawn on Monday the 23rd.

80 thoughts on “Creatively stumped: getting started [and win a prize!]”

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who has pretties they don’t want to mess up! I do this often where I buy gorgeous paper and then I struggle to cut into it. I’m getting better at this all the time by realizing that at least if it’s on a layout I’ll get to look at it whereas if its stuck in my bins it’ll get buried! I’m gathering my supplies getting ready for your upcoming class. Can’t wait as I’m buying some things that I have nooo idea how to use haha which is why I’m taking the class!

  2. I am guilty of falling for a beautiful paper and not using it because I didn’t want to mess it up. Thanks for your great tip!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these papers. I was absolutely thrilled to see this new line coming out; it’s exactly the theme I want for the decor in my new bathroom. I feel a configurations box coming on…

  4. A beautiful paper line! And yes, I too am in a down period-I think it is from being busy over Christmas and moving all my stuff to my new craft room. This would definitely help get the creative juices flowing again! Thanks for the chance to win

  5. Leave it to Graphic 45. What great paper! I love their unusual take on things, and the colors on this one look amazing. Thanks for encouraging us to play with it May!

  6. 4 inches of snow today, 6 more tomorrow…would love to create a layout using this theme…makes me think of warm weather!!

  7. Fabulous post and I totally agree! In fact, I’m using some brand new Bella Blvd. goodies right now on a layout. 😉
    – April W

  8. LMAO! I love Graphic45 papers and bought the Christmas pack and it killed me to cut into the papers, but that’s what I bought them for. I’ll be finishing up my Christmas journal this Saturday and will be hacking the pack all apart to do so. 🙂

  9. Ohhh, I am so drooling right now. I would love to win this paper. I am so behind on the latest G45 papers. I told myself I cannot buy any new papers until I use whats on my shelf. Winning paper isn’t the same as buying so I can still hope. My favorite colors are the turquoise used in this line!

  10. I love that paper. I signed for your class at Big Picture, and have been gathering supplies from your web site. Learned about a new source for supplies from you, too. Which I’m sure my husband is thrilled with.

  11. Yes, I have been there too. I just think about how I can put it on a card for someone and pass it on for them to enjoy. I look on blogs and seach for something that will really inspire me and take off from there !

  12. OOh, I’d love some of that paper. It’s so beautiful. Thank you for a post on something I’m sure nearly all of us have experienced!

  13. Oh I have so many of those pretties stashed away I will be busy for a while…..but that’s a good thing. You are so right..DO IT !! I promise I will. The paper your sharing is wonderful, thank you and hope whom ever you share it with uses it right away because we know it will be spectacular!

  14. I have the same problem of buying something so lovely and then I can’t find the “special” picture to use it with!

  15. That paper has amazing colors! Thanks for the chance to win.
    I have the same problem, but with cute little books I bind. I can’t bring myself to put anything in them for fear of ruining them. Crazy I know. You told me to just make something really ugly on one of the pages (this was in one of your classes). I still can’t bring myself to do that.

  16. Yes my room is crammed full of beautiful paper,ribbon,flowers,chipboard and everything else you can think of that I’m afraid to use.MY big excuse is the I’m saving it for something special.What a cop out-I will try to use one of my treasures tomorrow.I promise!

  17. I have so many pretties in my stash that I’m saving for the perfect layout!! So I needed to hear your words May, and I plan to accept your challenge!

  18. I love the colors in that collection.
    I fall into the trap too of not wanting to use my special paper. I usually have to order the special stuff online which makes it even harder to use. I am getting better about though because I tell myself that using it gives me the excuse to order more 😉

  19. I, too, have that problem. And you’re right, if I mess it up, it is replaceable. Thanks for a chance to win. That paper IS beautiful!

  20. That happens to me, too. Sometimes something is just so pretty, I can’t bear to use it. I kave to force myself. Thanks so much for the gentle push in that direction. I would love to win this paper. It’s gorgeous!

  21. Such posts are so helpful – give us the necessary kick. It’s paper when it comes down to it. Use it! Then look back and smile – that’s a good feeling! Highly doubt I’ll get picked for the pad as I’m in U.K but I still appreciate the post and what it has to say.

  22. I too have fallen into the ‘keep it for a special occasion’ trap & it is ridiculous! One of my goals for 2012 is to use up as much of my stash as I can. If I were lucky enough to win this gorgeous collection of papers I promise I will use them immediately.

  23. I would push myself to cut into these papers, I still have a few “special” paers hidden away also!

  24. Great timely advice! I’m very new to this and sometimes feel paralyzed to start. I love all the pretty stash I’ve gotten and really want to use it. As I told my friend, Bea Medwecky (above) the other night, “IT’S JUST PAPER, RIGHT? I’m looking forward to your class in February.

  25. I always do that. I put away my new papers and don’t use them because I love them to much. Think I’ll do what you said. Thanks for the chance and have a nice day.

  26. hi, I am from South Africa and my local scrapbooking shop has just got this line of paper. I love it, but too can’t think of how I am going to apply it. I do think that sepia photos would look awesome on this paper, maybe even a little distressed around the edges. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Love this blog. 🙂

  27. May I would love some of that pretty paper and USE it yes. I am one of those people who fall in love with a paper or embellishment and never wanting to use because it is to pretty.

  28. I do this a lot. I do look at the galleries to see what others are doing with it and lots of times I can make a card for someone who’s “worthy.” That’s a joke with some of my friends – we give card masterpieces only to those who we know will appreciate them. I have found though that more and more people are appreciating handmade cards as the small works of art that they are.

    Thanks for the chance to win and I can’t wait to see what you do with this fab G45 paper.

  29. This is really nice of you! And this is the perfect paper to play with when you are snowed we are here in school for 3 days, and still cannot get out of the driveway…but hopefully this afternoon because I have run out of food! Thanks so much.

  30. Oh, I am not so much a hoarder as a skimper! I use things, but the tiniest little amount possible for the use, and then I save the scraps too. Guess that makes me a hoarder AND a skimper 😉

  31. So happy to learn that I”m not the only one with a fear of cutting into my good stuff. May, thanks for the encouragement to push forward. I, too, love this Graphic 45 new line.

  32. Ooh–this happens to me all the time. If I win this paper pad I promise to use it immediately! 🙂

  33. I constantly hoard paper & embellishments! Thanks for the push to use my stash!
    You’re always a great inspiration to get creative & a little messy too!

  34. Wow, these are beautiful. Wasn’t familiar with the company so looked them up. Going to have to have some of their products!

  35. what a clever idea! i just bookmarked this and am trying it this weekend at a little scrap-together i’m having at my house on Sunday-thanks for the chance to win, it’s a beautiful paper pack indeed!


  36. I don’t have the “i don’t want to mess it up” dilemma. I have the I don’t want to use it up because then it will be all gone dilemma! I’ve solved this by just buying a couple extra sheets of favorites. I can display one all by itself on my inspiration board and use up the rest. Once I get tired of staring at it on my board then I know I can let it go and use it up!

  37. Oh wow…thank you for the chance to win. I have been wanting that particular paper line since I saw graphic 45 release it. I think it would be perfect for scrapping about some time my family spent at a resort. Plus I live in a warm climate… so the paper would be perfect. I just have to get over how intimidated I am by it.

  38. Beautiful paper and great colors. I have the same dilemma when it comes to using up gorgeous paper. Thanks for the advice and a chance to win.

  39. The colours of these papers are so rich. I think I would be afraid to use them – but I would surely try!

  40. What a timely article. I have had all the mistable Pink Paislee papers and I was too intimidated to use! So May to the rescue! I reviewed your videos (and Heidi Swapps) and was TOTALLY inspired to use it! My first attempt was NOT my favorite, but there were several other sheets in the package! And the next page I think turned out AWESOME!!! THanks for helping me get through my Intimidation! P.S. Thanks for the chance to win this fab paper pack!

  41. This paper is awesome. I haven’t bought it because my LSS is 2 hours away and with work and kids and sports, I just can’t get there. So thanks for the chance to win it. I will use it promptly , if I win it. I promise!

  42. I am in an up state of mind, but my life is so busy…
    I have to make time for myself and to create!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  43. They always have such wonderfully animated paper! You are right, I never know where to make the first cut!

  44. I love this paper! I too panic sometimes when I need to dive into something “new” and I just don’t know where to start. Your blog gives me inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you do with your pretties. Thanks for the great ideas! – Chris.

  45. I love the paper. And I’ll use it, even if I am afraid I”ll mess it up.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  46. You gave me the push I needed to get out some of that “precious” stash and use it! Thanks.

  47. there should be a name for this, a disease or -holic type name, cu i’m sure guilty of it. it starts with seeing something new and oh so pretty.. the ideas flow, overwhelming the brain as i stand in the store/look at the website. then, i get it home and nothing, nada, zip. zilch. so it sits.and sits. until i forget i have it even. then i get a cleaning spurt, find my pretty precious lovely thing, and FEAR, what if i mess up, what if i hate it, what if…… you know. anyway right now i have an idea for this paper, my dad wore a (really ugly) hula girl tie for his wedding to my mother. i’d love to scrap a wedding photo of them using this pad of paper. who knows, i may actually make it.

  48. OMG! So beautiful…I love beautiful paper & goodies. I promise to use it…well, after admiring for awhile.

  49. I just found your blog from Ali Edwards blog and I am intrigued.
    Love Graphic 45’s stuff and I’m about to spend some real time surfing through your blog and going to subscribe.

  50. May—-I can so totally relate, although my stash is getting old because i don’t have the money to spend like I used to…..BUT I think you are totally right about picking the least favorite part of the collection and USE IT. I also think that this line is PERFECT for you recent trip to Hawaii and I can’t wait to see how you use it!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings.

  51. Can’t wait to see what you do with these papers, and I’m taking your Field Guide class on Big Picture Classes and can’t wait to get started! I love these Graphic 45 papers!

  52. I am so looking forward to taking your online class with Big Picture. I am really impressed by your work. I would LOVE to win the Graphic 45 giveaway that you are offering. Thx!

  53. Love looking at that line! One of the papers reminds me of the beach we walked along in Mauii. I’m looking forward to seeing your creations.
    PS If my number pops up please choose another. I love that paper but am not brave enough to use it.

  54. I probably missed the drawing, but c’est la vie, I never win anyway. I realized I had not seen a blog from you in the past few days and then discovered I had forgotten to add your new blog to my address book. Problem is now fixed and no longer will you end up in my spam. I am so guilty of skipping over my most precious and beautiful papers. I am either afraid to use them or I am saving them for that one really special project. I am going to do my best to change this because it is fun to create with something pretty, and I did not purchase these papers to have them sit for years.

  55. Love new paper but I am glad that I am not the only one who has a hard time using my really pretty and amazing things. I know it is crazy to hoard them and they just need to be used so others can enjoy them!!

  56. LOVE that paper! I’d have a hard time using it too….not because of being uninspired, but because I’d want to hoard it, lol. You give great advice! Now I know what to do with my ‘other pretties’ that I’ve been hanging on to, and haven’t brought myself to take my favorite Teflon-coated Honeybees to them yet, lol. THANKS!

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