If you’re reading this I’m on a plane (or already back home) from our week-long Maui break. Yeah I snuck off without many people knowing (internet security and all that – didn’t want to broadcast “hey my house is empty!”) we were gone.

amazing. indescribable.

Well I mean, obviously in addition to my vacation journal (which I updated at least 1x a day) I plan on scrapbooking the HECK out of this trip. Oh wow… I think I want a photo book too of just the pretty pictures.

First, a LOT of CHA prep-work to be done. Focusing on my new (starting soon!) Big Picture class, and of course washing the sand out of all our clothes.

Hmm. I might need a vacation to scrapbook this vacation!

Oh but I can hardly wait to tell you more. Honestly? We picked the best hotel on the island. PERIOD. Westin Maui resort & spa + Costco Travel = incredible value + perfect spot. I left this resort a total of 4 times. THE. ENTIRE. TRIP. And never ever for more than a few hours.

*so well rested*

feeling re-charged.

Ate more fish this week than I do in a year… same goes for coconut, macadamia nuts, and pineapple. LOVED EVERY BITE.

not loving the pile of work that’s stacked up. BUT! I did keep up on email and all that so when I get home I don’t have to start from behind. AND if I recall the night before we left i was so keyed up about Maui that I cleaned my studio at least somewhat decently. so not too big a mess waiting.

The above photo? That was just “average view” around here.


Can I fly back yet? Is it too soon?

*le sigh*

one more picture… I’ve already ordered (from hotel room) some of my pics…

That’s the girls, out on our lanai and showing off their fashion + our view. You can’t see it, but the ocean was visible too. HEAVEN.

Ok, enough gushing & sighing from me for one day. Hope this week is as magical as the last one has been!!!

12 thoughts on “Aloha…”

  1. You’re a very lucky girl although I’m sure that you’ve realised that. I hope your landing back on ‘planet earth’ i.e everyday life isn’t too horrible with the work load.

  2. Oh Man what a beautiful view! Can’t wait to see more pics and what you do with them. If I can’t go to someplace tropical this winter at least I get to enjoy your upcoming class! I’m sure all the playing with art stuff will kind of be like washing sand from your toes right? Both involve washing digits haha, Have a great week!

  3. So glad you had a great trip! Your first to Hawaii, if I’m remembering correctly. Start planning the next ones- each island is more amazing than the last. Welcome home!!

  4. Beautifulll-can’t wait to see more pics. Have friends w/ a time share there–rude friends, I should say, because I’ve never been invited along:)–so know how beautiful it is there.

  5. Amazing. My son and his family (wife and 2 daughters) just returned on Friday from a week at the Westin in Maui. They loved it also.

  6. Beautiful! Wow! Triple thanks for answering my in depth field guide questions while u were on vacation! Customer service at its epitome! Thanks! Can’t wait to see all your pics. Ps the link to the supply list worked. Thx. Aloha! Lisa

  7. Looks, and sounds, like a fabulous vacation; Hawaii is fast climbing to the top of my ‘next place to visit’ list. I’ll look forward to seeing your layouts in the coming months – and more examples of your girls’ island fashion!
    A question, if I may: would you be kind enough to share where the fabulous digital frame came from, that surrounds your ‘average view’ photo? I’m hoping it’s as simple as a single purchase and not something you created yourself – only because I’m still quite lazy when it comes to digital art!

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