day 18 | thanks Martha Stewart

While not everyone’s favorite person, I can not give anything but mad props to Martha Stewart’s creative team for the holiday products that they release. They are simple, useful, and have really accented my holiday preparations this year! As I wrap, wrap, wrap gifts for my family & friends, I thought I would take a moment and share the products I’ve purchased that are helping make things merry & bright!

Some of these things will come in handy with baked goods, and some of the containers meant for baked goods I think will be fun for gifts of the un-edible variety too!

I will be sure to take photos, and keep on sharing my adventures… 7 more posts in this series are still coming!! 🙂 Hope you’re making merry in your own ways…

4 thoughts on “day 18 | thanks Martha Stewart”

  1. After teaching school all day and running after my own 3 kids, I love to sit down and see what you have posted each day. You continue to inspire me when I create. Just wanted to say thanks.

  2. Yeah, I have to admit that I often watch her show and feel bad about it because she can be so mean & petty to her guests…I mean, c’mon Martha! We all know you are the best…you don’t have to rub our/your guests noses in it! But, I always love the products…her team creates amazing things that are fun to create with and her glitter sparkles like no other 😉

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