day 16 | Tim inspired tag

I *ADORE* the Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas. It’s like taking 12 mini “Tim” classes in awesomeness. I always come away with new ideas and techniques I’m reminded to do more often.

That said, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post this is a time of year when multi-tasking is a good idea, and time is as short as daylight is! SO! My solutions are several, the first being that I wanted to play so I mixed & matched some techniques from Tags 4, 6, and 7. Mix & match works great as well because I don’t have a lot of the things Tim uses, so it allows me to play without frustration of wishing I had the ‘right’ thing to make stuff happen.

True story: I am AWFUL at remembering “how-to”. What happens EVERY SINGLE TIME is that I think I remember it right, set off on my own, then end up changing things because I mixed up ideas or products. Whoops. Sometimes (ahem, my attempt at tag 5) it ends in disaster and frustration. Other times, I end up with something unique and made of awesome. My snowman falls (luckily) into the awesome category. 

I wanted to do the painted foil technique Tim did (tag 6), because I LOVE that foil sheet stuff, and I thought I could combine that look with the die cut within a die cut (tag 4). So here’s what I did/how it went down:

foil placed face down on cutting mat, grunge paper set on top and pressed firmly onto it. Then die cut in snowman shape. THEN I ran it back through the die cut machine using my brick texture fade. I wanted to use snowflakes or something Christmas-y… but alas I do not have any that would work!

Ok, I love it JUST LIKE THAT. ah I’m such a fan of the foil… anyhow! I wanted to do that AWESOME enamel paint thing, so I pulled out paint. Err… except my paint is pretty much all neutral colors. SO I did pearl + silver (which is a darker silver than the foil), but I also dotted a bit of blue alcohol ink on.

As you can see it ended up blending, becoming a bit too subtle too. That’s ok, I have a plan. First I die cut a snowflake out of him, then I sanded him lightly to get some of the foil showing back through. The sanding block worked fine for this – will be totally doing the technique again!

Ah but here’s where I wanted to keep kicking it up more notches. What I really wanted was more BLUE… but distress ink really ain’t gonna stick here. Oh wait – but I could cover it with UTEE and then it would be sealed in. (I know Tim talked about this in one of the tag posts)

But it wasn’t enough, so I did it again with distress stain and re-coated + re-embossed. Above you see the “before heat gun gets involved” version…

Now we are talking!!! I added some kraft paper + glossy accents inside/behind the die cut area and set frosty aside to dry…

Time for the tag. I just did the usual ‘put inks on craft mat, swipe damp tag through’ classic Tim Holtz technique. I then stamped a flourish with pearl dabber paint.

There wasn’t quite as much color on the background as I wanted so I “splatted” my distress stains a bit on there. Roll with it…

Bam! there you have it – my finished tag! The snowflake that got die cut is up at the top along with a metal charm I used snow cap + blue alcohol ink on (and then sanded). My trim was white – I used faded jeans stain + water to dye it.

Three tags into one, and in a way that is uniquely my own. *LOVE THAT*

I can’t suggest enough that you read up for ideas, tutorials, and videos from this series. It’s a seriously awesome Christmas gift from him that I enjoy every year now.

I just LOVE the color + texture I wound up with on this tag. Here are links to the supplies I used:

Happy crafting + creative play time!!

11 thoughts on “day 16 | Tim inspired tag”

  1. Don’t you just live an ‘artistic’ mistake. I happen to love them all. I know you may have blended a bit to much but love the look. The foil and the brick emboss were great! TFS

  2. Love what you did with your snowman. I’m totally smitten with Tim’s techniques and think you did a great job altering them.

  3. Neither!

    Tim uses such a wide range, and has hundreds if not thousands of products. I buy what I know I will get a lot of use out of, pass on other things.

    For example I have three paint Dabbers. There are… 30? More?

    Same with his stamps. I pick a few select images.

    Budget, space, and a desire to only have things I will consistently and frequently use prevent me from having it all.

    I don’t think any two people have the same stash, and I think that makes it fun and challenging!


  4. This is fabulous May! I too love that Tim gives us this present each year, it’s one of my favorites presents of all time!

  5. Hello, miss! This actually has LITTLE to do with this post, but using it as an opportunity to say THANKS for the BPC news of your new upcoming CLASS! YIPPEEEE!!! A new “May” class to look forward to! And it’s all technique-y and all – DOUBLE YAY! You can help inspire me and remind me how to use the Tim Holtz products I’ve started gathering and collecting without Time to do much with them (inspired by a Jen McGuire recent class thanks to one of your posts on Scrapbook Update!).

    AND your blog now has it so you’ll meet me in my inbox each and every day? TRULY a Christmas dream come true! Actively “blog hopping” is tough to do, but if you dump into my inbox….voile! 😉 I’m yours!

    Merry Christmas, miss! Thanks for being here. (oh! AND thanks for the BPC registration code! yay!)

  6. Hi Lezlee –

    First off – THANK YOU! As you can imagine, working on a class like this is a huge undertaking and I am SO GLAD to hear you’re into it. I can’t wait for class to start and I am so happy you’ll be joining me.

    Sounds like you subscribed to my blog feed – awesome! Glad you worked that out and that I’ll deliver right to your in-box. I use an RSS feed (google reader) service so I never ‘hop’ blogs anymore. It saves so much time!

    Thank you again for the kind words – I wish you a very happy holiday season!!


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