this is why i got dressed today.

Ok, wow. that was FUN!

I will admit, I was quite nervous about sitting and watching my class video WITH the students through the virtual classroom at True Scrap on-line event today. But it was such fun chatting with everyone – had such a great time I forgot about my class and just focused on answering q’s and such. For those looking for things I featured – here are the 6 main items I talked about:

if you weren’t in class – these are items I highly recommend! I will also tell you what I told the ladies in that classroom: watch for some MASSIVE tutorials, posts, and fun… I’m working on a lot of stuff for right here on the blog…

The FUNNIEST part? Lain (aka event host/coordinator) got booted off at both the beginning and end of my time, and so there I was… microphone live… no rules… hee hee. Oh the power trip! (bahaha)

I think I did ok – and at the end when she got booted? a “you are now event coordinator” message popped up on my screen and my WEBCAM ACTIVATED and there I was. Live to more than 100 people. Well HELLO.

The very first thought in my mind? Thank goodness I took the time to put real clothes on and I’m not sitting here in my pajama tank top right now. Because you know what? That something could happen and I’d be suddenly “live” on internet DID cross my mind. This is why I would never send ‘sexy’ photos of myself. Because I’m the girl who would manage to send them to the whole world. I was concerned that I’d be the girl who would freakishly wind up with her webcam turning on (on it’s own) and broadcasting herself to a scrapbook event.

and my paranoid self was RIGHT!!!

There truly is something to be said for being a thinker and a planner and a tiny bit paranoid.

We had fun with it though. I had to pose like Dr. Evil and joke that the event somehow chose to elevate me to high status (or was that my master plan?!) due to being a villain or super hero… the jury is still out on that one…

Because I am just silly like that.

Thanks to everyone who came out this morning – had a GREAT time. Now off to have an exceptionally wild & busy rest of my weekend. Today is literally one of those days where every.minute. has an activity. 

Happy Crafting!!

11 thoughts on “this is why i got dressed today.”

  1. Bwahahaha!!! That was actually very awesome! Loved your class today and I can’t wait to do some dotting and stitching!

  2. It was fun to “meet” you today – and you did GREAT! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks so much for all the info and inspo! 🙂

  3. Lol! Sounds like a great time! It would have been fine as most who take online classes prolly scrap in their Jammie’s! 🙂

  4. You are a riot! I can so relate to you! I am totally looking forward to those tutorials!

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