love that Rhonna…

If you haven’t checked out – well you need to. I’m in LOVE with all her new digi goodness, totally been using it in my crafting. Also LOVE her blog for inspiration + uplifting messages. Like these two images from her blog… love that rhonna.

I agree 110% with both of these statements.

Now please do excuse me as I rush off to try and do more than I might be capable of. 😉

8 thoughts on “love that Rhonna…”

  1. Love these and also agree – just need to engrave the words in my brain. Lately I have felt quite lacking when it comes to creativity.

  2. That is just great! I want a copy to hang in my ‘Rubber Room’, on he fridge, above my desk at work…etc etc etc. A great reminder when you are having one of ‘those’ kind of days. Thanx so much for sharing. I love it!

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