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After writing an article for Scrapbook Update about the old west inspired stuff that is coming out, I find myself renewing my love of rock candy distress crackle paint. It is now available in a big jar (Simon Says Stamp has it!)  I love the crackled/crazed look this product can give, and how you can use it to add age to any paper project. Today I’m going to share how I do it.

You’ll need rock candy distress paint + paper + a distress ink or stain to make this work.

Coat your paper with the rock candy distress crackle paint. Think… healthy coating of butter on toast thickness. Then let it dry. You can carefully use a heat tool to speed this up. Once dry, it’s going to be shiny + clear crackled!

Now you have a choice. You could use distress ink or distress stain. Use what you have!

Either one will work – you have more control using ink pad + foam applicator but the stain covers much faster and excess can be wiped away with a paper towel.

I’m using brushed corduroy in this example – it’s my favorite brown. I use it all the time! The splatter above… well I just worked that stain right into my paper. Here’s what it looks like after:

I LOVE this look… it reminds me of old china that is crazed. In general just old, worn, dirty grungy goodness. LOVE it!

If the shiny finish of the rock candy bothers you, just apply a coating of multi-medium or PPA or other matte finish sealant. Then you’ll have the matte finish and the cool effect!

Don’t think you have to use brown either – you could use this with any color! Above you see it done with peeled paint stain. I suggest using a paper that has some lighter areas, and an ink/stain that is not super pale to get results that show up nicely.

Happy Trails!

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  1. This is so cool! Love the worn western look. Thanks for showing it with both the ink and the stain.

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