Becca: 4.0

This weekend is Miss Becca’s birthday. Four years ago today I was desperate to get her OUT! At 42 weeks pregnant and having both my mom and Jason home and staring at me for weeks on end waiting for me to have this baby… well… yeah. I went to my Dr. appointment where I was once again told “zero zero” on my current state of my cervix with a shrug. Baby examined, all well, no action on their part for another 5 days. That night, as we served up hamburgers and helped my mom get ready to go back to her own home, standing in the kitchen, Miss B let me know she was ready and coming.

Thinking back, her keeping us waiting, her dramatic breaking of water and the longer and harder labor/delivery than her sister… well it all fits. It’s SO Becca. She is my stubborn, hilarious, I will do things my way because I say so girl. Confidence? Never an issue. Shy? I don’t think so.

So far I’ve loved every stage – from the newborn who refused sleep unless cuddling someone, to the girl about to start pre-K. I’m sure we have so many more wonderful stages to come – I embrace each.

For now – signing off for the weekend because I *ahem* might have put off some crafty details her royal highness wanted for her birthday until the very last moment. Whoops.

18 thoughts on “Becca: 4.0”

  1. Yes, May, every smile, every wrinkled nose, every hands on hips standing their ground, every funny face, everything about a precious child is held close to a mother’s heart and remembered with love. Happy birthday to Miss Becca.

  2. Happy Birthday to Becca! What a cutie Patootie : ) ~Enjoy your weekend with the Princess and Family!

  3. My son just recently turned 12 and I’m like you…. I have embraced every stage of his life!

  4. She’s just TOO adorable; as is your story of her entrance to the world. Since my birthday was yesterday, I understand. We Leo’s do things our way and expect others to comply!

  5. Happy Birthday Rebecca! She has the most adorable smile ever! And that hair-oh that hair! Enjoy your little one’s b-day 🙂

  6. Oh naughty you, hope you got all that crafty stuff done in time. I am laughing about ‘only sleeping when being held” my daughter was like that and she is 19 now and loves to sleep but i guess thats part of a teenagers life.
    Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

  7. Happy Birthday to Becca! My daughter turned 4 as well this week. Birth stories are similar and I see some of the same traits in her. I loved the 3rd year – can’t wait to see the development through the 4th!

  8. What a beautiful little girl. I teach second grade and she would become one of my favorites. I love kids with spunk and that stand up for themselves and she certainly looks to have that. Happy birthday to Becca.

  9. Sounds like those teen years are going to be really interesting! LOL! It’s going to go so fast! Enjoy every minute. She is a doll.

  10. I hope you had a fantastic birthday Miss Becca! I am in love with your curls! Can’t wait to see some party pics!

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