[studio sale time!]

It’s all sold out! This is so popular – will definitely happen again in future. Stay tuned!

What to do with class extras? Bits of kits? FABULOUS product in need of a good home? It’s Studio Sale time!


EVERY BOX is STUFFED. Seriously. What you see above? JUST THE BEGINNING for those boxes. Here’s the deal: I want my closet cleaned out, I have extras from random classes so far in 2011, and I want them to have good homes. Shipping is USPS PRIORITY and cost is included for USA.  International? You can calculate HERE (USPS medium flat rate box, or flat rate envelope) to see what the cost would be.

Each is different, but they all have loads of beautiful, fantastic product. We’re talking class kit extras, in some rare cases maybe a whole class kit + ALL KINDS of super fun stuff. It’s all beautiful, all good stuff that I purchased for classes. I can’t express enough how much of a DEAL these boxes are!!! To keep it inexpensive I am so NOT going to photograph + list exact contents of each one. That would take a few hours and if I did that, I’d raise cost – and you don’t want that! Here’s a preview video:


If you have questions, EMAIL ME.  To purchase: EMAIL ME and I will save + send you a paypal invoice. I have multiple of each “type”. Just tell me which one(s) you’re into. My email is mflaum @ Comcast.net  – here we go!!

 Ok, let’s talk specifics:

There are just 2 envelopes REMAINING. Email me which one(s) you want. I have multiple of each. If I sell out, I’ll remove/update this post.

4. “OH YEAH” flat rate envelope  $20 $16  * everything shown below + more stuffed into your envelope.


5. “Surprise me envelope” $15  it’s just like I said – surprise! You’ll get a flat rate envelope stuffed with goodies. Below is just one “for example”…



Email is mflaum @ comcast.net, and I’m here and on-line to keep checking in and processing your requests. Ask questions, and if you get one – ENJOY!!!

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  1. These goodie boxes are so much fun to receive. It’s seriously like Christmas because it’s got tons of surprises and lots of fun stuff! Thank you so much for doing these!

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