what a Monday! [prize winner announced]

MELINDA WILSON = winner of the stickles – email me mflaum @ comcast. net so i can send your prize…

It’s a great start to a new week – I can just feel it. So much happening, and CHA peeks are in full swing.

Last week over at www.scrapbookupdate.com I posted an article about Plum [lovely color!] and how hot it is going to be for scrapbooking. it’s everywhere!

Today I woke up to this:

Ranger is releasing ALL of the remaining distress colors in stain form – as well as my favorite distress stickles color picket fence. *tears of joy* I’m SO glad!! I’ve been working with the already released colors and I NEED more. [see their blog post here: http://blog.rangerink.com/blog/2011/07/new-tim-holtz-distress-stains-colors.html ]

I’ve gotten a lot of requests from people to talk more about distress stains + inks + stickles… so you’ll start seeing some how-to, videos, and project tutorials next week.

For today I’m back to packaging up CHA projects, photographing them so I can share here at a future date, and then cleaning up a bit in this messy studio!

Happy Monday…

7 thoughts on “what a Monday! [prize winner announced]”

  1. I am ashamed to say that I have not yet used the stains. What is the difference, besides packaging, between the stains and the ink pads?

    Are you coming to Chicago (Rosemont) for CHA? Is there a way for the general public to go to CHA, or is it strictly for the industry people?

  2. congrats Melinda! i’m having a horrible time finding the stains… I loved trying them in your class. maybe SI will have some when Tim comes at the end of the month.

  3. That’s good that you’ll be showing how to use the stains and Distress inks because I’ve yet to buy any and would love to know how to use them before stocking up on them. 🙂

  4. I just responded to your reply with the sbm email. I also received your testing on the charter account. Thanks so much for your very busy time!

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