Suggested summer reads: June 14 edition

Time for another batch!!

“ye olde romance”
9 rules to break… by Sarah MacLean
What I think took it from good to great was the heroine. We stick with her for most all of the story, and really get to see how this on-the-shelf spinster with an impeccable reputation and too-chubby figure breaks free of demands and finds herself. She lets herself dream up a list of things she would do if she was free to do anything – and then sets off doing them. In the process, naturally, she finds herself entwined and adventuring with her long-time (from afar) unrequited love. What really works for me on this book too is that the author stuck to the couple’s relationship. No half-done mystery or secret villain to battle, it was a straightforward, clever, utterly lovely romance.

“A book to write in”
Mess by Keri Smith
This author has all kinds of FANTASTIC books – and the point of each is to play. make mess. think. get creative. be inspired. have fun. If you’ve never tried one – I highly recommend it. I just sent this one to one of my favorite people as a summer activity.

“Dragons & magic & romance oh my!”
Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
Mega-cheese cover aside, this book rocked my socks. Heroine steals something from a very scary dragon’s lair, and he chases her down. Much romance ensues, but what really made me love this book was all of the detail, the skill of the writing, world building, and all around AWESOMENESS of the entire book. This author gets everything just right – and I was amazed at just how much I liked it. If you’re at all into the paranormal/dark/urban fantasy genres check it out!

In fact- I liked this book SO MUCH that I went and bought a second copy to give away to one of you. So if you’d like to try out Dragon Bound – just leave a comment here! Winner to be drawn next week…

25 thoughts on “Suggested summer reads: June 14 edition”

  1. The books sound great. Can’t wait to read them. Your new tattoo is awesome.


  2. Love to read ! I am currently reading “The Pefecrt Bride for Mr. Darcy”. Thanks May for the chance to win a book!

  3. I’ve enjoyed your other reading recommends, so I’m anxious to give this one a try too!!

  4. Thanks for a chance to win one of your faves. I am finishing up The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest so winning my next book would be awesome.

  5. Agree with you about the cheesy cover – so I’m happy that I will also agree with you about the awesomeness of the book! Hope I win!!!!

  6. I’m really enjoying your suggested books (am currently reading “All I ever Wanted”), will add these to my list to read!

  7. These sound fantastic. Sadly the Borders near me us going out of business but I’m going to pop in and see If they have any of these left.

  8. Not usually the genre I would choose but you’ve got me Wanting to read this book.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I have – and I just don’t think they stand up to the first. Oh I liked them, just didn’t LOVE them like I did this first one. 🙂


  10. is great (just spend $25 for free shipping), Target, and even sometimes the grocery store! We have a Borders (that’s staying open) but it’s unreliable at best. 🙁

  11. i love it when people recommend books, going to check to see if i can do the instant gratification thing with my kindle. thanks!

  12. Your blog is my homepage at work. When I opened it this morning, a co-worker was standing by me and was a little surprised by what she saw! Aren’t you glad you could provide a few laughs in the workplace! I am just finishing a book, so send this one my way!

  13. I love your book recommendations……I love to read in between my scrappy projects or when I get stuck and so far your book reviews are right on it – so we must think alike !!! LOL Thanks for sharing !!

  14. Thanks!! There’s a big difference for me between “liked this one” and “recommend to others” for me, so if it’s suggested by me that means I LOVED it.

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