Title 101

Back in my early days a die cut machine was something only the scrapbook store had… And it wasn’t that great. Letter stickers were limited and rub-ons weren’t yet on the scene. If you wanted something special, you did it yourself and by hand.

Sometimes, I just like to kick it old school. Print out a title backwards and go to town with my craft knife. It’s good to keep this skill, and to remember creative cheap alternatives are out there.


Now my break is over and I’m back to work… Enjoying my creative play and making something by hand.

3 thoughts on “Title 101”

  1. I think your hand cut titles were one of the first things that said “May” to me … I’ve always been hopeless with a craft knife!!

  2. ok oops responded on wrong blog! Hand cut titles are painful to me! I applaud you for doing one! I love my die cut machine, but even better: i like the pre-made ones! LAZY~

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