Spend May with me!

Filled with inspiration.

Loads of scrapbooking goodness.

Fun message boards & community feel.

under $20

31 daily emails  + 4 handouts w/step-by-step instructions for some all new projects

There’s a lot of reasons I *LOVE* my newest Big Picture class, and a lot of reasons I can see you wanting to join (at least, I hope so!)

You can check it out here:


You should know that I’m not afraid to just be myself. I’ve never in my life been considered a “cool” girl. Fashionista, hip, trendy, thin, bored, difficult to entertain, and doesn’t like to eat are descriptive words that have never been applied to me. In fact, I’m still very much attached to childhood me – I’ve grown up… but I’m still that same essential ME. It’s one of the things I like best about myself. I’m nothing, if not consistently ME.

and both 12 year old me (pictured above) and 31 year old me (sitting here typing this now) do enjoy a good craft session. I hope you’ll join me.

Questions? Let me know!! I’m always happy to talk scrapbooking…

for the record it was CLASH day, and I took great pride in gathering my family’s best (worst?) pieces of clothing and combining them into this ensemble.

13 thoughts on “Spend May with me!”

  1. Will the daily emails include a project? You mentioned 4 new layouts in your blog. What will the rest of the emails include?

  2. There are 4 PDF handouts during the length of class. Each of those has 1 layout + 1 paper craft project (all new, never before seen) and include step-by-step instruction.

    Several emails during the month feature NEW (not seen elsewhere) layouts as well.

    Most days yes, you will see a layout or project in the email. There are a few technique/creative process videos, 2 inspiration audio/visual presentations (one on fave products, the other is idea starters… there are also “all time favorite” layouts, sketches, and techniques shown that have been seen somewhere previously.

    In short, each day you’ll get an email with something inspiring. If I’m showing you a past favorite or something you might have seen somewhere at some time, I explain why. Somewhere between 13-15 total new projects were made for this class, and any video/audio material is all new as well.

    In addition to the emails, occasional video, and PDF files I anticipate an active classroom atmosphere with plenty of message board and email interaction/availability for one-on-one fun. AND: I’ll be posting challenges and idea starters throughout the month on the board as well.

    Hope that answers your question!!

  3. I respectfully disagree. The best part is the fish necklace. What are those red things?

  4. I love that you’ve been able to keep your childhood you. How fantastic.
    Loved the outfit too.

  5. But did you win??? Seems to me you should have been at least near the top of the clashiest that day.

  6. LOL l LOVE your picture and your ‘not me’ descriptions. I can so relate, although I did lose touch with the child me for many years. Thank Goodness I found her! 🙂

    I take the opportunity now when my kids have Spirit Week at school to play along…I’m showing my support for them…right?! lol

  7. Thank you for the smile! May, I truly think you are way cool. I love reading your blog, and quite often it is you who provides me with something to smile about. You have a great scrapbooking style, and I have a hunch that you are a very awesome mom and wife and friend and……….. So in my opinion you are cool.
    I just signed up for “May with May”. Now in order to prepare I am going to work on an organization system and major cleanup in my craft room. You have (had?) a scary closet. I am on the verge of a whole scary room.
    Happy day to you.

  8. Hi May,
    Wanted to let you know how much I’m looking forward to taking my second class from you. Stumbled across your creative retreat class, luved it and now I’m a huge fan of your blog and scrapping sense! You’ve totally helped me cope this year with being a empty nester Prob the longest year of my life but you have given me lots of smiles so wanted to say Thanks so much! Kelly B

  9. I love this shot…thanks for clarifiaction that it was a ‘special’ day…I wasn’t sure in your opening paragraph…(which I love…and hope you have a page or 2 of that journalled somewhere!)

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