the better close-up.

You don’t have to have a fancy camera or know the photog lingo to get great pics. As weather warms up here, and things are getting green I can’t help but be more interested in taking people pics!! I was reminded of a few good tips on my recent trip, and today I’d like to share with you.

First: for heaven’s sake TURN YOUR CAMERA!! Take a portrait (vs landscape) oriented picture and get more of your subject, less of random junk. When handing your camera over to someone to take your picture – ask them to take a shot this way (if that’s what you’re after) and don’t hesitate to zoom on in. I will never understand people who don’t turn their camera more often. I flip back and forth looking for the better shot ALL the time.

the other thing you MUST do for close-ups? LOOK at what is behind your subject. Ugly buckets? Weird building? Signs? People? Move yourself around and find a complimentary backdrop for your subject. (Or if you’re in photos, turn around and make sure there’s no funk going on behind you!)

Also: sunlight. DO NOT get trapped into weird part shade/part sun situations especially on the face. If you can’t get totally in (or out) of the sun – at least position so that it’s not in the face (see above photo – sun is just on his arm). Indirect sun is always preferable (less harsh) – but do what you can with whatcha got.

So that’s it. Three simple tips that can mean the difference between blah and ooh that’s good people pictures.

Miss E this morning: modeling her Creative Chicks Rule T-shirt. (from Target)

I’m no photographer – I’m just a point & shoot girl. But at least with being more aware of my environment and what’s going to happen when I go to develop my pictures I can get more good shots, and avoid “oh no I can’t believe I didn’t notice…” moments and ruined shots.

5 thoughts on “the better close-up.”

  1. So true. Good tips. Thanks for reminding us. I too am a point and shoot kind of gal.

    I remember taking pictures at Christmas oh so many years ago when I first got a 35mm camera. My boyfriend had a cactus “growing” out of his head and took a picture of the dog in front of my grandmother sitting down leaning over – head cut off and just her cleavage showing. I was only looking at the dog.

    Lousy pictures but I did quickly learn that you can move/change the angle for the photo and get a much better shot.

  2. Love the pictures of the girls but the picture of your cousin was very well done! The only problem with rotating your camera is when you have a page with 2 horizontal 4×6 photos and 1 vertical. Sometimes I just cannot make that look right on a layout.

    Been practicing flicking paint and discovered that the wooden coffee stirrers from Panera work really well. Good excuse to go get some coffee!

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