Aw, aren’t you precious?

This morning at the gym I wasn’t feeling it. Oh and I have SO much work to do I should just go home. So much EFFORT has to be put forth to exercise and I still cough a bit (leftovers from my lovely time spent with that killer flu) when I exert myself and… and…

well aren’t I just the most precious little princess? Just full of excuses for myself.

i made myself go an extra mile for all that mental malarkey.

Here’s the thing y’all.

You can do a lot more than you think you’re capable of, if only you are determined and TRY. Oh, it takes effort, time, energy, and it’s not the easy road… but you can do great things.

Just leave the excuses and bad attitude at the door.

I have my reasons for NOT exercising for 3 weeks and having the single most UNPRODUCTIVE month (uh, killer flu anyone?!) I’ve ever had since having newborn children in the house. I’m comfortable with that. What I’m NOT going to choose to be ok with is falling down into a destructive spiral of negative thinking and actions.

Nope. Instead I’m going to keep trying to improve my physical fitness. Keep on eating more carrot sticks and less chocolate. Picking up things to craft vs vegging out. I’m going to do great things today, tomorrow, and the next day.

If an illness or circumstance holds me back for a day or more? That’s ok. I’ll just pick back up where I left off soon as I can.

What I will NOT be doing is turning into one of those negative people who excuses themselves and acts like their “reasons” are better therefore they are excused from being productive or positive people. NUH UH. Not this precious princess.

My inner drill sergeant just won’t hear of it! She’s insisting I train harder and see if I can’t meet my cousin’s 2 miles in 16min time he just met for Army standards.

Yeah. I CAN do that… eventually.

thanks for the inspiration Army…

6 thoughts on “Aw, aren’t you precious?”

  1. You go girl!!! No negative self talk and then, congratulate yourself on what you DID and don’t beat yourself on what you didn’t do.

  2. Damn May! That poster picture is going to be staying with me for a while…I got out of the 15 min. a day of being creative mode that I was doing so well with. The couch and my computer was just so much more comfortable.

    Okay, okay, okay…I will start up with the promise to myself again. I deserve that 15 min. of craftiness each day-here I go!

    Thanks for the kick in the butt….and of course, the poster!

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