I joined for the pizza parties.

It wasn’t my first time on a military base, but it was my first Army base visit – and except for some EXTREME cold on one day, and the fact that the Army moved family back by 2hrs (but didn’t tell us so we were sitting out waiting in that cold for a long ass time) – it was an AWESOME trip. I’ve got so much to share – I’m going to break it down a bit. First up, the Army portion. After all, the whole trip came about because my beloved cousin (aka PFC Wilson now!) graduated from Basic Training at Fort Jackson…

it started with some explosions…

and all the Army’s newest + their instructors came running out of the woods!! Which made me laugh hard because one of the scenarios I’d been joking about with my aunt was that they would do just that.

We had brand new Army sweatshirts (since it was supposed to be 72, not 48 out!!) and the weather actually worked out for some cute pics. (the scrapbooker in me LOVES the coordination going on!) The second day the weather was MUCH warmer (like, 20+ degrees warmer!!) so that was good.

Mostly we just hung out – laughing, sharing stories, hearing all about the experience that is Basic Training. One of my favorite stories (that doesn’t involve questionable language) was about how they had a few nights where pizza + dessert was available… and the drill sergeant’s disgust about “joining the Army for pizza parties”. HA!

At the end of each day, stuffed full of all the good food they could eat it was time to hustle back! “Precious princesses”, “teacups”, “mama’s little darlings”… just a few of the terms of endearments these men & women were called as they were told to run into formation. NOW! Oh man – you did not want to be someone who was not there right when they started bellowing. Me though? As a civilian it was a lot of fun to watch as those guys have some most excellent material. I’ve taken to yelling out “c’mon you pretty little princesses! Aren’t you precious? Hustle!” It’s fun.

All joking (and new joke material and impersonations of drill sergeants) aside – this was a really amazing trip and I feel so blessed to have gone. I have so much respect for all the men & women of our military and all they do. I’m especially in awe of how seriously my dear cousin takes his new duties, and how hard he has worked and will keep working. His attention to detail, awareness, and serious attitude all impressed me greatly. He now starts training in his job (assistant to Chaplain) – and I know he’s going to do great work.

because I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t mention this one thing NOTE:

I managed to get pulled over by an MP while on base. He was very kind, and it was a total whoops on my part… but the ONE time I made a driving error I was indeed caught. of course. I was in a full-on pit sweat by the time he decided to just scold me vs ticket me. Jason was not surprised when I told him… something about me being a menace to society. Of course then on my flight home I noticed not one, but 3 MP’s – as well as about six other US Army guys. I believe it was intentional, and that I’m now on some kind of watch list.

(probably not – just kidding here- but it was a funny way to end my trip)

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  1. May–I loved seeing your pics from Charleston. My husband took me there for our honeymoon. It was the most amazing seven days! And you are so right about the sweets being amazing…all the food is. There is a reason this Southern woman is fluffy!
    Congrats to your cousin. Being an Army wife, I love seeing young guys and girls in the uniform. Knowing we’ve got good men taking over where my husband had to leave off makes me so PROUD!

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