Scarlet Lime on Monday.

I’ve got some Scarlet Lime layouts to share today…

That’s Macaron with one O… NOT to be confused with a macarOOn which is a coconut thing that I do not favor. *LOVE* how this page came together with the March Scarlet Lime kit.

You can see the kits + the other designer’s work at

Also: I blogged today on Scarlet Lime’s blog¬†and share the pen technique you see above.

3 thoughts on “Scarlet Lime on Monday.”

  1. Thank you for clearing up the macaron and macaroon. I am familiar with the coconut ones but would see photos of the macaron and think these do not look like macaroons. Now I know and would love to try the macaron. They look very yummy.
    I love the way you create your own titles with ink and smooch. I think even I who has the most horrible hand writing ever could do this.

  2. Love the layouts and the kit. I did not know Smooch Ink came with a brush…off to look at the blog instructions!

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