waving white flag.

I don’t like to talk about being sick or not feeling good. To me, it seems “poor me” and whiny. Also? I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me or anything. Because honestly. We all get viruses, flus, colds, etc… and also? I don’t pretend life is perfect here BUT I do prefer to focus my energy on more positive things. Makes things all around better.

Ah but I’ve been battling something nasty and it seems to only be getting worse. Now you should note that I have treated myself VERY well. In bed or comfy chair. LOADS of fluids. Nothing but rest. (and internet surfing and novel reading and TV watching)

and a shout out to Mr. Flaum who has been doing darn near EVERYTHING around here.

Oh but Wednesday the coughing was increasing, and Wednesday night I had to sleep upright to get any sleep, as laying down = impossible unless a non-stop cough fit was what I wanted.

(me in chair early Thursday morning, deciding it was time for Dr. visit)

So yeah. I went to the Dr. HELLO!!! I have a class this weekend!! All week I’ve been extra good to my sick self so I’d be all better for it! I’ve been SO EXCITED for this class… and in fact that has been motivation for me to STAY PUT in bed.

The Dr. visit was a LOT OF WAITING… but good news was that currently I do NOT have pneumonia or anything nefarious like that. Bad news? I’m still wicked sick and this is just the kind of bugger that COULD become something nefarious. BLIMEY. But good news? I had a breathing treatment in-office and it totally made me high (as close to ‘drug high’ as this girl gets)… and helped my breathing BIG TIME.

(me, getting high and finding humor as usual)

So home with an inhaler I came. I was able to sleep laying down!! HOORAY!! This morning, as I tried to box up some stuff for class tomorrow… and thinking maybe I could still go… Mr. Flaum stepped in. Here’s the thing about J – he’s the king of practical. He’s the first one to blow off “so what, you’re a little sick!” plus he’s a fireman with 15+ yrs experience. My point? When he says you’re REALLY SICK… you’re REALLY SICK.

So I can’t believe I had to do it (seriously – why won’t this bug leave?!) but class is re-scheduled for April 2. I got in touch with all the students and they were super cool. Also? They don’t want these germs.

I still can’t believe I let myself blog about being sick.

I’m in bed, resting, reading lots of novels, and drinking tons of fluids. I AM taking care of me.

Ok but also? this was in the Dr’s office and cracked me right up:

I did not open the drawer (eww!), and I’m darn glad that it wasn’t needed for my visit!!!

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  1. I’m so sorry you’re feeling severely icky (and no, I don’t think you’re being whiny to blog about it. It’s an interesting and unusual (thankfully) experience…why shouldn’t you mention it?)
    I’ve had those breathing treatments…and I’ve seen that scary drawer before (thank god I didn’t see it open!) and was beyond horrified that there was blood splatter on it! I mean, clean up! Seriously! Puke-a-tronic!
    Glad you got some help. There are some nasty flus out there right now. Evil little bugs. Enjoy reading and get well soon!

  2. Oh May, you crack me up! Good for your husband for stepping in, and I know your students understood! Hope you are feeling better soon, and don’t forget to rotate…those bedsores are a killer 🙂 Got any new books to recommend? Just finished the last of the series that you blogged about. ME

  3. Hope you feel back to normal soon, May! I had the flu during Creative Retreat and was really bummed at the time, but when I was well again, I had some major mojo and pumped out a bunch of new LOs. I hope the same for you! Can’t wait for May in May!

  4. Hi May,
    So sorry you are sick but do take care and mind your husband. Our son has been a volunteer fireman and is very good at telling us when to stay home. They really know what they are talking about.
    Interesting to read about this on your blog. Enjoy your books thats what I do when I’m not feeling good to is catch up on my reading.

  5. hope you got you some good albuterol it makes my little guy bounce off the walls and pretty happy. I’ve thought about trying a hit of it myself! lol

  6. Well, you do have your own little germ incubators at home and even if they don’t give it to you, just being part of the community will. And I’ve been there…but I’ve also needed antibiotics and did not necessarily get them at the first visit…so don’t hesitate to go back!

  7. Sometimes it’s best just to take a step back and rest when you get this sick. I say this as someone who dragged their exhausted rear to work with Mono. Pushing yourself when you’re sick isn’t fun. Get well soon!

  8. If I even think I’m getting sick, no matter what I do what I can to step back and rest extra. Usually this = I never get sick, or at least not incapacitated sick. Gotta take care of yourself! This might just be the most sick I’ve been my adult life!!

  9. I am so sorry you are not feeling like your usual self, but you are still funny (the photo from the doc’s office). When you are sick, you are sick, and there is no fighting it at a certain point. It is great you have such a wonderful hubby to take care of you and your family. Make the best of laying in bed or a comfy chair and reading your novels. Your body will tell you when it is time to do something else.
    Sending healthy vibes your way.

  10. I am right there with you 🙁 Been sick since Feb. 10th. Started off a cold then a few days later I got an ear infection. One course of antibiotics later, ear isn’t 100% and I developed a bad barking cough and have been coughing up since Sat. Finally caved and went back. Now have new meds.

    I did not participate in the Creative Retreat much as this cold has all but sucked the life out of me.

    Take care, enjoy the help and get better.

  11. I hope you feel better soon, I know what it feels like being in and out of hospitals 🙁 Remember,lots of chicken soup!

  12. No problem talking about illness, May. (Well, the I am a doc. And when I get ill I always share my story. After all, why should a sick person be alone in their misery?) Really though, Jason was very wise making you just STOP. Too many of us try to keep on going and spead the woe and do ourselves no good. I do hope you are feeling your usual self soon. Respiratory problems are just no fun. Breathing is not something we want to have to think about. I’ve been away from my computer a lot of the time the past two weeks. Busy and some of my own health issues – this leg may never be normal again, I guess. My dear niece visited and happily pushed me around in a wheelchair (and inadvertently into things, LOL). You just cannot have an excuse not to take a 24 yo woman to the mall! Once again, get well soon!

  13. I’m glad that you cancelled your class. Your health is so important! Looking forward to seeing you get better!

  14. Oh you poor thing May. I’m glad you blogged about being sick though because I would have been worried not having a new post from you. Keep looking after yourself – and letting that lovely husband look after you too. You definitely don’t want to develop pneumonia or something else

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