Creative Retreat peeks…

in just a week Creative Retreat will start!! I can not wait. SO excited for this class – in fact I got to see all of the handouts, emails, and other materials earlier this week to check them out. LOVE it! (I hope you do too!)

Want a teeny peek?

A lot of the materials are delivered via email, but there are layouts, a project, and plenty of idea starters in every week’s handout too. SO MUCH FUN! Like always, I include supply lists and instructions (that include paper & photo sizes). One new thing I did this time around was to put “scraplift this” – ways I could see you pulling ideas from each layout of mine.

Another first? Each week’s handout starts with a step-by-step little fun project. Not just instructions, photos too!! These little projects will have a lot of technique and detail – I really had fun here adding this in.

I hope you liked these two little peeks into class – these shown are from the week #2 handout. Each week really is packed full of ideas, inspiration, layouts, and mostly: the chance to have fun.

If you’ve got questions about class for me feel free to email (mflaum @ or leave a comment here. Want to know more or register? Here’s the link:

24 thoughts on “Creative Retreat peeks…”

  1. I am completely ready to scraplift that top layout. I love stars and I think I might have that apple paper. I realize you don’t literally mean to copy every detail, but seeing the same products in my stash is a good way for me to finally get them out and use them.

    See ya next week!

  2. Am really looking forward to getting a lot accomplished! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what’s to come!!

  3. waiting…waiting…waiting…anything with distress inks and mister huey are alright by me 🙂 So excited for this class May!

  4. I’m counting the days! I could really use a retreat from my crazy life – will you have a masseuse on site? In my dreams!

    Love the sneaks – very yummy for my soul!

  5. Hi May,

    I am getting so excited about the class…and I love the sneaks. I worked on my inspiration folder last weekend with one of my friends who is also taking the class. It was great fun and was good to get started. Looking forward to trying to keep up with all of your plans!

  6. I can’t wait either. I’m counting the sleeps. This will be my first BPC so I hope I can keep up and get it right.

  7. Oh literal lifting is awesome!! I just know most people don’t do exact – and always love to give substitution ideas. 🙂

  8. Hi May! I am so excited for class to start. I feel like I’ve hit a winter slump when it comes to my crafting. I am counting the sleeps. My three year old suggested I make a paper chain to count them since that is what we do for her. I’m seriously considering it. 🙂

    Thanks for just being you, and sharing your awesomeness with us all.


  9. Forgot to ask this yesterday who makes the flourish stamp that you used in the Elle layout?

  10. T-4 days until the retreat! Cannot wait! I am looking forward to hiding out in my new scrap room and being inspired by your fun handouts!

  11. I am longing to leave the icy wonderland which surrounds me and enter your scrapbook retreat. I’m looking forward to posting my books, and working on your sneak peeks!! I’m not sure what’s coming, but I can’t wait!

  12. I just signed up for the class yesterday…I’m so excited. I debated signing up, but your enthusiasm for the class got to me and I clicked the button! Can’t wait until we start!~

  13. I love the step by step projects, the distress ink project and also all the sneak-peeks.
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful ideas with us.

  14. Will tomorrow never come? WooHoo I am so ready for your class, my sis (who is brand new to scrapbooking) and I are really excited!!! I love your designs and have taken a couple of your classes already so I know this will be awesome too!

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