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I am continuing to teach classes at www.bigpictureclasses.com this year (SO much big fun!!), but I’m also going to look at teaching more classes at scrapbook stores as well.

It’s an entirely different process and experience to create & teach in-person classes. I love both – and I’m eager to share all I’ve been dreaming up! Next week I hope to announce several dates here in Northern California. Brand new classes, hot off the presses product, and loads of creative fun. I will offer kits here on my blog for those who can’t attend or who live to far away as well as I’m able to.

With all this in mind, today I’d love your input! Do you like layout classes? Are there specific techniques or subjects that appeal to you? Thinking in terms of a 2-3hr workshop, what would you love to see me offer? For that matter – feel free to share a story about the best workshop/class you’ve taken & what made it rock.

I’ve got a lot of ideas of my own, of course… but I thought it might be fun to share some thoughts with each other. I’m going to work on another post sharing some of my personal stories. I’ve had some great experiences & some massive fails over the years (it’s ok!!) and I know some of you are instructors & demonstrators so maybe it’ll be of interest. I am going to try to dig up some old layouts/past classes if I can to to share.

In the meantime – I look forward to reading your comments & suggestions. Happy Crafting!

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  1. May, I would love to live closer to you, but suburban Chicago is a bit of a distance. If I were able to attend a workshop, I would like to learn new techniques and try out new tools. Beyond that I think a workshop instructor should offer what they love themselves. I think you can be most enthusiastic about what you love, and the class will get the most from this.

  2. Chicago isn’t entirely out of the question… but you’re right it’s unlikely. Things would have to line up just right. 🙂

    I agree so much that it should be taught from a “I love…” perspective vs forcing something you don’t believe in. I’m glad to hear you like techniques + tools. I’ve got a lot of blog stuff planned for this, and I hope to start next week with more tutorials/in depth product & tool posts/etc…

    Thanks for the great response!

  3. I am looking forward to the tutorials and in depth posts. BTW the NW burbs of Chicago would be great if the stars and should align just right. Also Chicago is truly awesome, a cannot miss city and worth revisiting.

  4. Nothing to do with todays post, but I wanted to tell you I made your chicken noodle soup and it was a big hit with my grand kids. Even my daughter, who isn’t a real big soup lover took some for lunch at work today.
    Thanks May.

    Leslee in MT

  5. Hi
    I always love to learn a new techniques when I take a class. If you as a teacher loves something you are inspiring. When the teacher forces me outside my comfort zoon it makes me get on with my scrapbooking.

  6. I’m also a little far away to attend a class, but you never know. My DH is at an interim job in the Central Valley, and often has meetings in Sacramento……….. So I will be watching for class dates to see if I can coordinate anything. It would be so fun to meet you “in person”. My preference is always lo’s. If I learn a new technique with the lo – great. But getting pages done is always my priority.

  7. I love techniques, especially if they are used on a new lo. I would also love innovative ways to get the journaling on the page.

  8. Really wishing I didn’t live in the UK right now 😀 I can convince DH to babysit whilst I go to a crop or a class but I don’t think I could get away with “Darling I’m just popping out to Northern California for a scrapbooking class” lol
    Good luck with your classes & looking forwad to reading your experiences.

  9. You never know, you may end up teaching all around the world! Ottawa perhaps?

    I like a class with a project that is product filled with new techniques/uses for products. Mini album are good. You can complete one (well I can’t but most folks can) during the class and pop in your photos.

    Layouts are good if you can get your photos first. I find it a real challenge to try to add photos or complete the layout without the photos (as in you can’t layer onto the photo if you don’t have it already). But I still want to learn something new.


  10. Hi May,

    I think that I appreciate classes where I learn new techniques. For example maybe the class could create layouts, and through the course of the layouts you learn 10 ways to use ribbon, or 10 uses for glimmer mist, or 10 things to do with torn paper, or 10 stitching techniques… you get the idea. This way you do a LO, but you also stretch yourself to try a new technique. I also agree that you have to love and be passionate about what you are doing. I’m looking forward to working with you at BPC-creative retreat!

  11. I know I’m too far away, but when I take hands on classes, I like stamping, embossing, markers, etc. Use of layers, things like that. I also love when they show you new ways to create albums by folding papers and glueing them, etc.

  12. Hi May i live just a bit too far to make it to one of your classes. I love LO classes and the ones i love the most are where i learn new things or do things that i wouldn’t normally do.
    Hope your kiddos are feeling better.

  13. Like many others, I like LO classes with pages you can actually fill with your own photos. My LSS has an instructor that provides instructions, samples, and extra ribbons, buttons, etc but we bring the photos and paper. I’m guessing the instructor and store don’t make much money off of this as sometimes people bring their own paper (so it can match the photos). The instructor has fun techniques she shares and I always learn something new.

    I second the idea of showing what you love. You are so talented and think outside the box…maybe a “what are ALL the possibilities with this product” type of class and just play while others watch or let them play too? (Using PPA glue on Tim Holtz molds comes to mind as an example.)

  14. I like LO classes as well .. with a heads up in advance as to what types (orientation, theme, size, etc) of photos to bring so you can actually finish the LO. Also learning new ways to use things. or learning about new products or tools

  15. I like mini books and alterations with technique. Things that can mostly be done within the timeframe. I also loved your little birdhouses!

  16. I agree with the other ladies technique classes are great especially when learning to work with new products and mediums. I’m hoping to get some hands on with more messy and artistic goodies this year, like alcohol inks, distress paints a lot of the things I see you using here. I want to learn how I can add those in to my projects and scrapbook pages.

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