football or scrapbooking?

I don’t totally get the lure that football holds over so many. BUT: This season I did attend my first two NFL games and had a blast both times. Jason cooks up amazing food before hand, and then of course in the stadium I was treated to some truly HUGE soda not to mention having a good time watching all the game + action all along the sidelines. My soda came in a cup that I could take home and enjoy in my studio (with water). Score.

I’m so NOT a 49er fan, but I dressed the part. I was told I had to if I wanted to eat Jason’s food… it was worth it. Sometimes I felt like an undercover spy – after all I’m neither a fan of the team or the game…

but I’m a fan and have great respect for fantastic eats… so perhaps I can relate after all to these fanatics.

{or I can sit here in comfort of my studio and get back to paper crafting. yeah, that’s more me}

5 thoughts on “football or scrapbooking?”

  1. What does that big cup say? Tall doesn’t —-?
    I went to a ball game (minor league) this summer when we were in the city – SO boring! But I got to go shopping the next day – SO worth it! The game was a bit less boring because we went as a family.

  2. We all need to do this once…I still haven’t though. I wonder what that says about me. I’m cheap? Ha!

  3. I think going once in awhile would be fun. My husband kept trying to get me to a game when we lived in Walnut Creek but we moved before I caved. Good food cooked beforehand may have gotten me there though!

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