SF Giants

I’m not a fan of the team. Their colors + mascot + name prevent it. I have a very highly scientific method of determining who I’m a fan of. That said, I live in the area, and with a huge lifelong fan at that. Since I married a super fan I go to games each year… and enjoy the experience, the food and the fun.

I also like to use my super-zoom lens to capture priceless moments like this. I am SO very mature. I do appreciate some things about the team – like Wilson’s beard + shoes. (not my photo below- credit unknown)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, congrats to the team + the fans that have waited so many years for a World Series win. I’m still not a fan (I’m not some poser who pretends just because the team won)… but I’m happy for you guys.

I’m back to scrapbooking, reading, and otherwise avoiding sports now.

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  1. Your pic is hilarious May, I wonder how many shots like that are floating around out there LOL

    I happen to know some huge Texas fans who are very disappointed. Myself not really a big sports fan but don’t mind the occasional game.

  2. May – my house is sad. The dream has gone. But as I told them all at the start of the season if anyone had said the Rangers would make it to the World Series you’d have laughed. So be happy that you actually got to watch baseball in November. I just wish I could have afforded the tickets so they could have gone but over $1000 for two tickets is a lot of scrapbooking supplies or more seriously food on the table!

  3. Lol…I’m not a fan either because those guys beat my team, the Phillies. Actually they didn’t beat them, the Phillies players choked. Either way I wasn’t too upset. I don’t get wrapped up as much in pro sports when I was younger because they usually manage to disappoint me, so why set myself up for being sad over something I had no control of to begin with. Back to scrappin’ as always!

  4. As a former San Franciscan, I am glad the Giants won! But I didn’t follow the series at all. Since I’ve moved to Arizona the Diamondbacks have been my team.

  5. I too live in the area but am a huge fan so thanks for the shout out to those of us who care (and scrapbook)! The headlines, photos, and memorabilia will make a great page!
    Today the sun shines a little brighter and the smiles are bigger-its a great day for SF Giants fans!!

  6. 2nd paragraph made me snort. in other news, i counted no less that 12 regency trns that appeared to have high potential.

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