See’s chocolate + Echo Park Paper = yum

I’ve been having some fun just because…

I mailed this to a very cool kid I know. I hope she likes it.

Just some Echo Park paper goods + my black enamel accents + some adhesive. (and some chocolate and orange stickles glitter glue).

Simple + fun way to dress up some happy mail for a very happy + spooky Halloween.

8 thoughts on “See’s chocolate + Echo Park Paper = yum”

  1. May – You look like your having some Halloween fun. Just wanted to say hi and that I am loving the cool looking spider web!

  2. i can’t think of a better combo than see’s & echo park! now that’s the kind of mail i would love to get!

  3. Echo Park has some cute papers. I bought the pack of A Walk in the Park at CK Scrap & Play in Valley Forge this weekend. 🙂

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