Blades of the Rose: AWESOME book series

Rarely do I yell out “this is a winner! READ it! I LOVE IT!!” Well this is one of those situations. I’ve already had friends tell me they love it too. Yes, I have found a fantastic new series (and new to me author) and I must share.

Author: Zoe Archer

Books: A series of 4 historical set (late 1800’s) action/adventure with a magical twist. The good guys are protecting magical sources (ancient strong magic) from the baddies, falling in love, kicking butt, and it’s all around FANTASTIC.

Why I love: BOTH the leading man and ladies of these books are heroic. They have skills, they’re good at heart, and they’re equally awesome. There’s no “he’s a rock star, she’s along for the ride”. NO! Everyone is pulling their weight. I also ADORE the way the author really sets the tone (you feel that desert sand and heat, smell the salty air and see blue skies in Greece…) without slowing down the story. She kept me 100% interested and engaged.  She also has a ton going on without being overwhelming. Action, adventure, romance, intrigue… wow. I’ve read the first two, and so far they are both entirely satisfying as stand-alone novels. The main characters are different in each book, but there are some plot lines that arc throughout the stories so I’d start at the beginning.

Have I said I LOVE these books?! So well written and with such great balance of many things I love. I kind of describe them as Indiana Jones-esque (meaning adventure + romance + great characters + a bit of magic/myth/mystical), and if that appeals to you I’d recommend these strongly.  Another thing I really appreciate is that they’re being released one after another. No waiting six months or a year! No, they’re coming out every month. LOVE that! Warrior is the first and Scoundrel is the second. They’re both available now!

Rebel will be coming out November 2 and Stranger is coming December 7. I have it marked in my calendar, and I’m counting days until I can take off on another wild adventure…

{thinking ahead to Christmas? This would make a GREAT gift!!}

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  1. Thanks for the review May will check these out, I’m always on the lookout for new books.

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