Snakes. It had to be snakes.

We have a lot of snakes in our home. It’s not a problem. They’re friendly and they guard. These two are watching out for little sisters, so I’m told.

Also strangers, big spiders, and monsters. The guy on the left (rattle snake) is from the San Diego Zoo. “You can have ANY one item in the whole gift shop Elizabeth…” and that’s what she picked. On right is a snake from a street fair – her 2and year going + choosing a snake there. I shouldn’t be surprised. This has been about 18 months now that she’s really into snakes.

Rubber, cloth, wood, plastic – fine… just no real snakes. Mama’s gotta draw the line somewhere folks. Right now I have two “growing” toy snakes in the bathtub. In a few days time they are supposed to grow to four feet long. I asked Elizabeth what we should do if they come to life. Her answer:

{eyeroll} We will just chop off their heads with a knife so they can’t bite us mommy. Or, iffin they get away from us or hide we’ll just call Billy the Exterminator. But maybe you should just buy a snake cage and get me a real one. If I had a real one then I could train him to keep other real snakes away.

Nice try kid. I don’t think so. I like that her first instinct was decapitation (what? where did that idea come from?!) and/or calling a Louisiana pest control company (aka Vexcon).

I think Princess has us covered.

Ps – if you’re wondering, why yes I HAVE scrapbooked the snake obsession. I may need to re-visit it as it’s been over a year… but it has been recorded.

14 thoughts on “Snakes. It had to be snakes.”

  1. Love the snake obsession… my daughter pulls string cheese and yells “Cheese snake-SSSS!” I haven’t found any cool snakes to add to the house though. They must be with you.

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh May, kids come up with the funniest ideas.

    Princess is looking darn cute btw

  3. Very cute! I have a stepson who owns a few snakes, it just makes me shudder. Not that I mind looking at them at the fair or the zoo, E must be a great fan of the reptile house at the Sacramento Zoo. It’s a very nice part of the zoo, somewhere I can be comfy around the creatures. Your dog is just too photogenic! Fun post today.

  4. Very funny! BUT at least they are girls. My son had-probably still has- an obsession with snakes. However, he always chose the realistic looking ones and would leave them in the house in very natural poses in places where you might suspect a snake could be in a house. So with two daughters and myself to scare he got a lot of positive feedback from our screaming. Then there was the snake tee-shirt….no I haven’t journaled this yet -good idea.

  5. Snakes and kids! This reminds me of when I was a home care nurse and I was doing a dressing change on a young mom when her kids came home for lunch, and the one little guy said “MOM where’s Reggie?!!” She responded by saying “Isn’t he in the TANK?!!” The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I calmly asked “What is Reggie?” “oh, he’s just the pet snake” she responded. Just then the little boy screeched “I found him, I found HIM!!” and was running towards us. I pretty much ran out the front door!

  6. LOVED this!!! TOO funny! Definitely need to scrapbook the picture of Princess along with the snake story.

  7. We have lots of toy snakes in our house, too, and one real snake to go with the dogs, cats and turtle. The verdict–the dogs are much more work to take care of than the snake. The cats are the cuddliest, with the snake coming in a close second. The turtle is much more interesting and cuter than the snake, but not cuter than the mammals. In order of quietest: snake, turtle, cats, dogs. My order of preference: cats, turtle, snake, dogs.

  8. Too funny! My son (5yo) used his souvenir money from our summer vacation to buy this wooden snake at a state park gift shop. It was his only purchase and quite a prize. It is painted MUCH too realistically. Plus, it has little slits cut into it so that it really moves like a snake! I am fine with snakes in theory, but then I come across it in weird places, eek!

    Love all your art!

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