Scrapfest page #1

It’s like this: I’ve never been to scrapfest. I don’t have my own product line and I’m not working for any mfg in a capacity that would make me their go-to demo person. I also can not justify the funds to send myself 2000 miles away to do what I could at home (scrapbook). So I guess it makes sense that I’ve not been. But still. I found myself having a teeny bit of green-tint (aka jealousy) over all my friends who were hanging out TOGETHER, and at the Mall of America… a very cool place I actually have been to once years ago. Ok I was WAY jealous… but only for a minute or 10 I swear.

How did I get it under control and back in perspective? here’s the thing… the travel, the exhaustion, the bloody nubs of fingers you come home with that are ink and paint stained and torn to pieces, the raw voice, the sheer EXHAUSTION…

I’ve worked and attended enough big events to know the grass is not always greener. I spent the weekend (more time in PJ pants than I’d like to admit) here chatting with awesome BPS students, skyping, being a mommy and playing with my girls… and I had a great time. No regrets.

Oh but there was one difference this year in Scrapfest. (NOT that I think anyone but me noticed) A few of my layouts were there…

This is the first I’m sharing. It was in the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L/Basic Grey booth (Do they have “booths” at scrapfest? I have no idea.)

So I was there in spirit. Thinking of all the awesome creative energy flowing around, the friends (old and new), the laughter, the experiences… but also enjoying the memories made right here at home. I don’t have to unpack or re-adjust or catch up on sleep. (TRYING to convince myself grass wasn’t greener y’all) 

I’ll share the rest of the pages later- it’s going to be a great week.

10 thoughts on “Scrapfest page #1”

  1. Thank you! I was feeling the green with envy not being at scrapfest this weekend too! Your blog has resolved that envy and made me laugh! Bless your heart.

  2. I REALLY wanted to be there, too! As Kermit would say: It’s not easy being Green! but I, too have gotten a lot done and didn’t have to fight the traveling. Boo Hoo!!

  3. I had a great time at Scapfest – and I’m glad you had a great scrapping weekend too! There are vendor booths with make and takes – and I think I did see your LO. Classes are great fun but it is very crowded and more than a little crazy (super crowded with regular mall guests and then add hundreds of people with bags and rolling carts!). I’m sure you actually got more scrap projects completed than I did.

  4. I agree with anni – you probably got more done. Plus time with your girls is ALWAYS the best prize. They grow up sooo fast. Scrap fest will wait 🙂

  5. Love that page! I’d love to go to Scrapfest … I went to the Mall of America when I went to CKU in 2005 and loved it. The Lego shop was my fave!

  6. Exactly how I feel about CHA. I’d love to go there sometime, but I’ve been told the grass is not always greener there either. Still, I’d like to find out for myself just once!

  7. Just think of all the yummy new product you could buy with the money you saved by not traveling to Scrapfest, if you were so inclined :). Love your layout – is that all Basic Grey product? I haven’t seen any of the new lines yet!

  8. May – I know what you mean about thinking that scrapfest would be fun but it is about the same distance for me to travel so I just stayed home and scrapbooked by myself also. Love your LOs!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I live in the middle and happened to be visiting a relative one year so I dropped in unplanned. I might re-visit to take classes and I might drop in again to allow a second chance, but as an attendee: long long long lines to M& T’s–shorter to less interesting; impossibly long to the good ones. I’d be a little more enthusiastic to attend a class a well-know teacher,. Having no other experience with an event like this I’d probably just commit to the same amount of hrs. at my scrap table.

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