book inspired page: Into the Wild

I loved the vivid greens + pinks on this cover and picked it up just to look… and when I opened the front cover and the author mentioned being inspired by action/romance flicks like Romancing the Stone (for which I am a HUGE sucker) I had to have it.

Into the Wild by Beth Ciotta wasn’t as good as I hoped. The heroine goes to South America after receiving a spooky package from her dad and finding his best friend dead. TV star (and hunk, duh) of adventure/treasure hunting show and her friend’s brother happens to be right down where she’s headed and he tries to help/look after her. Yada yada yada… happily ever after. In short I wish the author had hacked a bunch of dead weight and instead gave us more action & adventure & twists. It had way too much info about stuff that as I reader I didn’t need or want, then when the real adventure stuff was happening it’d just get cut short. *disappointed groan* Plus the heroine was a bit dumb in the beginning. Who goes to a country and doesn’t speak the language but trusts strangers over someone she has a character reference for? WHO!?? (moving on) It was a fun read – and it’s cover inspired a scrapbook page…

I was totally in love with this Sassafrass Lass paper to go with these pics, so the pink is more of an accent color vs main color… still. LOVE how the layout came out!! All that bits & pieces of paper & lace on that strip on the left? That IS the piece of paper. Oh how I loved playing…

I used plenty of Tim Holtz distress stickles and other fun bits too. Actually a pretty fast & simple page thanks to that cool paper.

If you notice that I’ve become a bit distress stickle obsessed… well I have. In fact even Tim made a comment when I emailed my last project to him. I’m SO ok with being known as glitter obsessed.

After all, I’m a mom living in the wilds of girl-world over here…

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  1. The book doesn’t sound that great but I love your LO! How funny that Tim himself commented on your Stickles obsession! I really love how you take the close up pics of your LOs

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