9/10 edition: 10minute creative

I believe strongly in daily creative. Cooking, sewing, crafting… whatever. I believe you need to exercise creative muscles at least 5 days a week on average to be in your top form. It’s not how long you spend, it’s just that you DO SOMETHING. It can be way shorter than a TV show – just 10 minutes.

Today I want to share one of my most recent ’10 minute’ ideas. I was cleaning up some mess and found some Making Memories goodies (Vintage findings + Panorama bits & pieces).

It reminded me of this friend of mine. Of something that falls under the ‘shouldn’t be funny, not really, but is HILARIOUS to us’… I won’t dare try to explain.

and so I spent 10 minutes making her a card. I didn’t have a palm tree so I doodled one out of Tim Holtz stickles. As you know I’m NOT a card maker. I only do so on very special occasions or because I have a few minutes and feel like trying. I generally prefer to buy my cards. I love Hallmark so much. (anyway)

Ten minutes later, and I have a card that I hope she’ll enjoy. I used some of my stash, laughed the whole time, and had a nice little creative moment during an otherwise hectic day.  What I love most about this is that I didn’t worry, fuss, or concern myself with any rules. I JUST HAD FUN.

Go take 5 or 10 minutes now, and again tomorrow, and the next day too. It’s a good use of time. I’m off now to pack for a crop where I’ll be getting 10hrs of creative time!!

7 thoughts on “9/10 edition: 10minute creative”

  1. Cute card!! I have been trying to follow your advice and work on things in 10-15 minutes as I have some free time. Otherwise it seems some days I get nothing done that I want to.

    Have fun at your crop, wish I could be there.

  2. Thanks, May! You have inspired me to make a card for my sis tonight- and I am not a card maker either. 🙂

  3. That palm tree looks fantastic! I’m sure your friend will love the card. I too believe doing something for 10 minutes a day is good – even if just to boost your spirits before tackling a big pile of ironing!!

  4. I love the doodled palm tree! What a clever solution to not having an embellishment on hand. I’m packing up for the Scrap Again crop too- see you there!

  5. So sorry to have missed you! I was there for a few hours before I got a migraine and called my husband to pick me up. We have to go get my car this morning. Anyway, I wish I’d had the chance to chat with you. Hope you had a good time.

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